Monday Night Raw (7/15/19)

Your Daily Dre:

Banning us to the couch is not as bad as you believe it is, ladies.  It makes us feel manly – like we’re camping…with an angry bear close by.


Raw Results

Heyman and Lesnar to the ring.  He talks up Lesnar and shows us who’s in the match to find out who will face Lesnar at SummerSlam.

Usos & Ricochet defeat Revival & Roode in a 2 Out of 3 Falls Match.  Styles, Anderson, and Gallows come out to the ring and Ricochet flies out onto them.  The three beat on Ricochet until the Usos get involved giving them the upper hand until Roode and Revival get involved.  Ricochet ends up flying into the ring onto Revival and Roode, but Styles’ phenomenal forearm about flips Ricochet out of his boots and Good Brother hit their finishers and they celebrate over Ricochet’s prone body.

Viking Raiders defeat Jobbers 

McIntyre talks down Cedric Alexander and what he will do to him in the ring tonight.

Cedric Alexander defeats Drew McIntyre and leaves McIntyre seething in the ring.

Backstage Balor talks about getting his IC Championship back, but first, he’s going through Joe tonight.  Joe, in a different spot backstage talks about how he’s going to hand Balor another loss.

Reigns talks up how he’s going to win the match and face BL at SummerSlam.

Joe defeats Balor  As Balor celebrates his music goes funky, then the lights go out.  We can hear something going on in the ring.  finally swirling spotlights and Bray Wyatt is in the ring in his black and red striped pants, leather jacket and mask.  Sister Abigail to Balor as the fans chant an expletive.  Wyatt’s laughter is loud as Raw goes to commercial.

Drake and his wife check into a hotel.  Truth is lurking with a ref.  Truth bribes the hotel attendant to find out where their room is.  Backstage Street Profit laugh about how Drake has never had sex before.  One of them is crushing on Nikki Cross as they talk up that match, then the 10 Man Battle Royal.

Ryder defeats Mike Kanellis in less than a minute after Maria said she’d do better in there pregnant.  After the match Maria tells Mike that their, no, her unborn baby could have done better than Mike did.

Lucha House Party vs The Club…Ricochet out and attacks Styles during the match.  During the break Ricochet was physically dragged away from AJ and the ringside area.

The Club defeats Lucha House Party

Backstage Rollins is interviewed and talks about how tough Becky Lynch really is taking that End of Days.  He doesn’t know if she will be there tonight, but will be fine.

Women’s Elimination Match won by Nattie – Becky limps out to watch the match.  Carmella eliminated by Bliss.  Nattie eliminates Naomi.  Nikki gets on mic and demands the fans cheer for her best friend Alexa Bliss.  Outside the ring Bliss ducks and Nikki eats a clothesline from Nattie.  Sharpshooter on Bliss who taps out.  Charly into the ring to interview Nattie.  Nattie talks up going to Canada to face her friend.  Becky grabs a mic and says the friend, no, The Man has something to say.  Becky talking tough in Nattie’s face.  Nattie comes right back with cuss words and serious attitude!  Off mic they are almost nose to nose screaming in each other’s faces!

Backstage Orton says he will win tonight and face off with BL with all the venom he has for him.

Miz TV – Dolph trashes Miz for going against all that he’s always stood for.  Dolph then includes Maryse in that and Miz attacked Dolph, beating on him and sending him from the ring.

R-Truth defeats Drake Maverick for the 24/7 Championship.  Drake and his wife in the hotel room getting ready to get into bed.  Drake in his tighty-whities and the 24/7 strap.  Room service with champagne turns out to be a ref.  Truth comes from under the cloth covering the cart and pins Drake on the bed for three before leaving with his baby.

Rollins wins Inter-Brand Battle Royal  Lashley eliminates Cesaro.  Strowman eliminates Lashley.  Sami eliminates Big E.  Orton eliminates Sami after hitting a number of people with the RKO.  Orton out through the ropes.  Corbin eliminates Rey.  Rollins eliminates Corbin.  Rollins eliminates Reigns and Strowman.  Rollins thinks he won and is almost eliminated by Orton.  Rollins eliminates Orton.

Heyman re-announces Rollins as the winner of the match and goes on about how he will face The Beast at SummerSlam.  Rollins gets on mic and tells Heyman to shut up, he’s talking to BL.  Rollins tells BL that he will be taking the Universal Heavyweight Championship from BL at SummerSlam.  BL is mad and comes to the ring but doesn’t get in.  BL throws a chair in at Rollins, but nothing more comes of it before Raw goes off the air.