This Is Not The Programing You Were Looking For

I had thought that Bischoff was going to be starting with SDLive this week and had hoped for so much more from this episode, but he didn’t and I have to say this episode really wasn’t up to par. Honestly this episode doesn’t stand up to what we have been seeing recently and doesn’t stand up to how great Raw was this week. Soon, Bischoff will take over soon!



I will fully admit that I’ve only seen the highlights from SDLive last week, and it seems as though KO did one of the things I’ve been begging for her for a very long time – storylines that continue through an entire episode. I saw most of the KO stuff during Extreme Rules and I’m thrilled they went there as I love him and love this version of his character.


Don’t Go Away Mad, Just Go Away

KO has a lot of gray in his beard. I just noticed it as it’s low on the sides, unlike the Usos who are going gray right in the front. With KO being kicked out of SDLive the way he was, I’m expecting we will see him appear again and again tonight. Fingers crossed.


Town Hall Meeting Like No Other

Charlotte was a bit annoying, but Liv looked a lot better here than I expected. She’s not been best on mic and seemed a bit petulant teen, but it worked. Love her pink hair. Maybe I will get my hair dyed soon!

I adore me some Cesaro. He’s so great and it’s nice to see him on mic. He is solid on mic and continues to impress me with all he does, but it was KO who (as LDB said in the DD) Canadian Cold Kevin Owens. With him using the stunner I’m brought back to the Attitude Era but in a good way. Much of the AE sucked, but the work between Austin and McMahon was almost always awesome, and it’s been 20 years since we’ve seen it, so why not? Though I have to admit that Shane took that stunner as badly as his father used to, and that sad as Shane actually has some balance, unlike Vince.


Fade To…Black, Again!

Normally I’m very against post-PPV rematches in the following shows, but this had me on the edge of my seat from when Shane agreed to it. Even though it was during the (insanely long) commercial break, I love the way that Cesaro had enough of the kicks to his chest so he grabbed Black’s leg and tossed him out over the top like he weighed nothing. Cesaro’s power leaves me in the awe each time I see him in the ring.

Something about the way Black flies through the air, it’s almost as though he’s moving in slo-mo. It’s a bit unnerving and really cool. I love watching these two in the ring, and even better against each other, but this match was way, way too short for my taste. Further, I love that they’re building up Black but there needs to be a bit of give and take. If Black is going to win every match against Cesaro, why would we become invested in the feud?



Ziggler is such a goober, but at least he’s getting TV time? I honestly don’t know, he’s been so badly booked for so many years that I struggle to care for him in any way, which sucks because I really liked him for many years. It’s just heartbreaking to see where his career has gone.


Charlotte’s Right?

I have to admit I thought Liv looked pretty decent in the ring with Charlotte. Charlotte is a great wrestler, but she’s not the best at making her opponent look amazing, which is why I’m giving these props to Liv. Now I’m sure she and Charlotte worked on this match together to make it great, and Liv looked better than I thought she might against Charlotte. For what it was I am fairly impressed. Liv has been working on her skills and it shows. She’s not anywhere near Charlotte’s level, but she won’t get there if she doesn’t work the ring with the best, like Charlotte.

Not sure what Liv means, but it looks as though she’s going for a repackaging. I hope she doesn’t lose the George ‘The Animal’ Steele tongue or pink hair, but I’m guessing she will. I also hope she’s not gone for too long. She’s obviously been working hard and too much time away is bad for every wrestler.


No Thanks

Bayley in this match makes no sense at all. We’ve seen Mandy and Sonya going off on Carmella as well as Ember which would have made so much more sense here. How about Naomi, who the fans have been begging to see tagging with Ember? There were people who make so much more sense than Bayley! It set up for Ember Moon to face her at SummerSlam, but that could have happened many other ways and made more sense.



Nakamura is raining chaos? I hope Ali has an umbrella as he needs to get back into the ring and why not against Nakamura? I like it a lot, but worry that Nakamura will flop again. He’s really struggled on the main roster.


White Gold

I have to say that Bryan not talking didn’t work as well as when Jericho did it, but it wasn’t bad. The mic drop was interesting but still strange. We tossed around ideas on Bryan’s newest announcement, but honestly, I am still not sure of the plan, other than possibly going for the Universal Championship, which is already lined up for Rollins.

Joe has quite the little shiner! I have to say that I wasn’t very impressed with Joe working with Kofi at Extreme Rules. I’d love to see Elias face Kofi, but he’s not been built to beat Kofi at this point. All that being said, the last person who should have a chance at Kofi is Orton. Orton trashed Kofi’s career and it took him too many years to get to the pinnacle of the WWE, and he’s proved since WrestleMania that he is more than able to be the top Champion in the company.


Texas Tea

I swear those are the same shorts Joe had in TNA, they just look that faded. Beyond that I really wanted to soak in this match before writing about it, but now all I can see is Orton getting the three over Kofi, and that pisses me off to no end. Orton should never be given the okay to go over Kofi clean at this point in their careers. I know Kofi is a company guy, but that’s too much for me to stomach. I can still see their match from MSG in my head and I’m still pissed about it.


Wash Me Some Clothes?

That was absurd, but I don’t understand the Kane comment. I cannot wait to see their Comic-Con segments! R-Truth and Carmella really seem to be having a blast with this.


Typical Heel Ugh!

The thing is that Peyton is fairly decent in the ring and isn’t as screechy either. It’s that other one that I cannot abide by. I’m not at all shocked that the IIconics cheated as they did, it’s the only way they can retain without looking like fools in the ring.


One Small Step For A Man…

I love that Crews managed to get the three after being beaten down before and through the short match. Andrade is so good in the ring and handled the ringwork well. He has a huge upside and I hope that his career doesn’t suffer when he and Charlotte get divorced. Sorry, couldn’t help myself. Was more of a dig at Ric than anything.


Whose Stunner?

I’m loving KO’s character right now. He’s dropping pipebombs in a way we’ve not seen since Voldemort was with the company, and his are so passionate that I really feel them. He’s saying what we all have been thinking about Shane and how they said there would be no version of The Authority, yet here he is. Honestly, I think KO can do anything, play any character, and kill it. He’s been fantastic since he’s started working with Shane again and love how the tables have turned in that KO is now face and Shane is the heel. It’s even better that it’s only KO without Sami in tow because KO really needs to do this on his own. I think what impresses me even more is that Bischoff hasn’t come in and taken over yet, but this storyline has gone from Shane being too much, running over everyone, to Stone Cold Steve Austin taking him out at every turn. Wait, no, that would be KO! Sorry, and I know there are serious parallels there, but it’s been twenty years since we had that storyline and I think Shane is handling it quite well, other than the fact that he’s taking stunners as bad as his father did. Further, I’m not sure who else has the mic skills to be Austin in this. KO is perfect and I’m loving this!


Final Flush

Not the best episode of SDLive. Honestly, Raw was so much better this week. It just wasn’t what I expected when I thought that Bischoff was going to be involved with this episode. I get that he has a lot to catch up with as he’s not been around in the WWE for a very long time, while Heyman has been around for a long time and has helped creatively with certain superstars and storylines. They are in very different points in their careers and need to get back on the same page with each other and the WWE for SDLive to make that smooth transition the way Raw has.

Queen KB