The talks between FOX Sports and WWE continue as they plan out their programing and when it will air.  FOX Sports is interested in getting NXT on FOX Sports 1 if at all possible.  Further they are interested in keeping it on Wednesday nights to go up against AEW’s Wednesday Night Dynamite which will air on TNT.



QD – I see both sides of whether Vince McMahon would want to have NXT on mainstream TV or not.  We know he doesn’t like how well NXT has done without his input, but putting the screws to AEW is the type of thing McMahon loves to do.  I have to admit I was excited that NXT is on the WWE Network so fans can watch AEW, then watch NXT on demand.  There is already so much great wrestling on Wednesdays nights and the addition of AEW has me giddy, but not if I have to choose one show over the other.  I’ve been incredibly spoiled by the WWE Network and have the shows I want on-demand that the thought of two shows I want to see going against each other isn’t something I’ve worried about in a couple of years.  It brings me back to 1998 when I’d watch the first hour of Nitro, then turn on the VCR to record the rest of the show while I watched Raw, then back to watch the rest of Nitro.  Monday nights I had my five hours of wrestling shows and I was thrilled for it but I don’t want to have to go back to juggling shows like that as technology has advanced by leaps and bounds.  That being said, I’m not averse to breaking out a VCR if I need to so I can watch both shows if I absolutely need to.