Sean Waltman Retires From The Ring As Only X-Pac Can

Sean Waltman released a cuss-laden statement about his retirement from ring work.  He confirmed his retirement on his X-Pac 12360 podcast.  He made the decision over WrestleMania when he was in the ring with Shane ‘Hurricane’ Helps and Justin ‘Thunder’ Liger as he thought it was a great high note to go out on.  He did say that a few things might bring him back for a one-off, and as one of his besties could make it happen, we might see him in the ring again if that was to come about.


By the way, I’m …… done wrestling. I’m done. I’m not saying I’m never gonna have another match, but yeah I decided. The WrestleMania weekend show, myself, Hurricane and Liger, the six-man, that’s it. That was it. I’m ……. done. If I have a match in WWE on like WrestleMania or … I’ll ……., NXT Takeover, actually. I’m more interested in having a match on a show like that. It would mean more to me. Maybe I’ll team with Matt Riddle. Maybe a six-man so I can have a little more protection.”


QD – When this came down the pipe today I jumped on it because I had my own personal feelings about Waltman through the years.  I honestly wasn’t impressed with him in WCW and the nWo, but I did enjoy the 1-2-3 Kid and when he was with DX.  I lost a lot of respect for him over the Chyna thing.  It’s not that he made the sex tape but just how physically abusive his relationship was with her.  I know it went both ways, but I had huge trepidation when meeting him until he was rolling on the floor with my service dog.  Now, I will say that I was annoyed that he ignored the rules about not engaging service dogs, and Dragon had his vest on and looked proper, but all Waltman saw was a dog.  That Dragon fell so head over heels for Waltman warmed me to him.  That after the show was over Waltman made it a point to say goodbye to my dog really left me as mush for the man.  We have since seen him at a lot of events with his own little dog in his arms.

Beyond my personal feelings, Waltman has done so much within and for the industry, good and bad.  He’s the only superstar who was solidly in both DX and nWo.  His work with Razor Ramon in the first episodes of Raw really set him up for huge things, and he tackled most of those things along with a lot of demons.  In that storyline Waltman proved that you don’t have to be seven feet tall three hundred pounds to be a top wrestler, which he more than proved while working for Vince McMahon who prefers the larger wrestlers.  Sadly he has one of the worst phrases in the industry named for him ‘X-Pac heat’ but seems to have not let it phase him the way it might others.  He will be holding multiple WWE HOF rings in the coming years.

Lastly, I’m thrilled he’s not following in the footsteps of the likes of Ric Flair and Undertaker.  He’s not trying to hold onto working the ring well past time he should have hung them up.  I know there are others who are still killing it in the ring and are older than Waltman’s 47 years (just had a birthday), but his demons and working the ring with so many larger superstars has taken their toll on his body and he’s doing what is right for him and I give him huge props for it.