Beyond Wrestling presents Americanrana ’19

We’ve talked about Beyond Wrestling a little here. A promotion operating in New England that showcases some of the best independent wrestling you’ll ever see. This weekend is their big event, their prime showcase, Americanrana.  6 years ago, the first Americanrana brought in about 250 people at a venue in Rhode Island….in 2019, things are very different. This years’ Americanrana will be held at the Premier Ballroom in the Foxwoods Casino in Mashuntucket, CT…and it is a STACKED card.

We won’t cover EVERY match, but we will cover the matches that are of high interest and/or may steal the show.

Americanrana ’19
photo: Beyond Wrestling


Kris Statlander vs Kimber Lee – STEEL CAGE MATCH

The Galaxy’s Greatest Alien aka Kris Statlander is a huge star, already but may be on her way to being a much bigger star. Kimber Lee is a fixture of the independent scene, has been for over a decade – was undefeated in Beyond Wrestling for 13 months and is the first female to win a promotions main title – the CHIKARA Grand Championship. Lee has recently returned to Beyond with a new look and a new attitude, and her target is Kris Statlander. Statlander has been putting on show stealing matches for the past year –  highlighted by an instant classic against Joey Janela on a recent episode of Beyond’s weekly show “Uncharted Territory”. Lee attacked Statlander during a match at a recent show, and Statlander is more than game to take on Kimber, but on her terms, in a steel cage.


LAX vs Bear Country

Bear Country have declared themselves the Aces of Beyond’s tag team division, and looking at their recent matches, that is a hard claim to dispute. However, a team many would consider Beyond OG’s in the tag team division in LAX, known in Beyond as Team EYFBO, part of the dominant stable Team Pazuzu. Santana and Ortiz are easily one of the best tag teams on the scene right now and haven’t been in Beyond much since signing on with Impact Wrestling. Bear Country have been laying waste to any and every team put in front of them, and knowing the cache that EYFBO carries in Beyond, called Santana and Ortiz out, and they will clash at Americanrana.


Daisuke Sekimoto vs Chris Dickinson

If you say ‘Beyond Wrestling’, one of the first wrestlers you think of is “Dirty Daddy” Chris Dickinson. He is the backbone of Beyond Wrestling – all go, no quit, big canteloupes Chris Dickinson. He has one speed and that’s full bore at his opponent’s face. He will go against anyone and any time and he was allowed to name his opponent at this year’s Americanrana and he wants Daisuke Sekimoto. Sekimoto is one of Japan’s toughest wrestlers, bar none. This will not be a mat classic, not for the faint of heart, this will be two bad dudes beating the snot out of each other until somebody can’t go anymore.


Josh Briggs vs Johnny Foxwoods (aka John Hennigan, Johnny Mundo, Johnny Impact, John Morrison)

This is interesting on attraction appeal alone. Josh Briggs is a 7 foot monster, who is surprisingly agile and powerful for a man of his size and Hennigan is one of the best performers of this era. The clash of styles will be interesting and a hell of a FIRST TIME EVER attraction.


Joey Janela vs David Starr – 60 Minute Iron Man Match

The culmination of a 4/5 year conflict. Joey Janela and David Starr have absolutely wrecked each other. Regular matches, a “Fans Bring The Weapons” match…they main evented last year’s Americanrana with a Barbed Wire Death Match which left both men bloodied and near broken. David Starr has declared himself the “Ace” of Beyond Wrestling, despite having moved to London last year, and the “Bad Boy” Joey Janela just wants to fight Starr. Janela is on his way to AEW this fall, and Starr is the face of the nascent “INDEPENDENT” movement in wrestling. It is a clash of styles and a clash of mindsets and after about 5ish years, this rivalry will end after an hour of combat.


You can watch Americanrana LIVE on IndepedentWrestling.TV, this Sunday July 28th starting at 3pm ET

The first hour will be broadcast for FREE – and if you’re a new subscriber, there are usually promo codes for a free trial