First things first, let’s address this tweet shared by AEWonTNT and the comments made by Brandi on diversity:

Brandi Rhodes Talks AEW Diversity, Photos From AEW’s TV Guide Shoot, More

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that her comments and tweet was a direct shot at WWE and the massive push that Alexa Bliss has received since getting called up to the main roster along with her perception of what she perceives as a lack of diversity on WWE’s main roster. And while her subliminal shots directed at the WWE would have held a ton of credibility 20 years ago today, they merely make Brandi look just as out-of-touch and outdated as the very competition she seems to be speaking of. Let’s crunch the numbers, shall we, and review some things – starting with current title holders in the WWE that don’t have blond hair or blue eyes:

Kofi Kingston WWE Champion (African Born)

Big E/Xavier tag team champions (African American)

Bayley SD women’s champion (Latino American)

Becky Lynch (Irish Born)

Street Profits NXT tag team champions (African American)

Nakamura IC Champ (Japanese Born)

The IIconics Women Tag Team Champs (Australian Born)

R-Truth 24/7 Champ (African American)

Velveteen Dream NXT North American Champion (African American).


Now, as a Black woman, you’d think she would have noticed that some of the most over acts and current title holders on WWE’s roster are in fact black. As a black man myself, I’ve definitely noticed but hey, I guess somehow the whole #KofiMania movement somehow flew under her radar 🤷🏿‍♂️. In fact, the two biggest stories heading into wrestling’s biggest event of the year revolved around Kofi and Becky who were both born outside of the U.S.

As for Brandi’s comments about her finding Kia Stevens, well let’s just say that wrestling promoters and fans alike have been well aware of the immensely-talented Stevens for well over a decade now. She was pushed to the moon in TNA, Japan and Shimmer. Further, before she got pregnant and her unfortunate miscarriage, Stevens was well on her to getting a rocket strap type push in the WWE as well.  Brandi would, therefore, do well to not pull a Columbus here and try to imply that AEW was truly the first to discover her.

And if I haven’t quite hammered home the progress that the WWE has made when it comes to non-white wrestlers, let’s look at a certain Samoan who as been the face of the company for the last 4 or 5 years. Or the pair of certain Samoans who have been the focal point of WWE’s tag team division along with The New Day for the past half decade as well.

With regard to the women yes, women like Charlotte and Alexa have received mega pushes at the expense of others at times (I can’t argue that) but let’s not overlook the fact that before them the Bella Twins (Latina American) were the centerpieces of the women’s division which including Nikki having the longest reigning Divas Championship reign ever and before then another Latina by the name of AJ Lee held that record (remember her?) So there’s that.

I’ve even got another little jewel for you.  Roughly 40% of the WWE’s roster were born outside of the U.S.

Now, I’m sure the anti-WWE folks will continue to drink the AEW Kool-Aid by buying into the premise that WWE lacks diversity but I can proudly say that I’ve done my best to lead the masses to the fountain of truth.