Beyond Wrestling Changes The Game

Today is Beyond Wrestling’s biggest event, Americanrana. With that comes change and a big damn announcement. Denver Colorado (aka Drew Cordeiro, founder of Beyond Wrestling) made two HUGE announcements.

Firstly, there WILL be an Uncharted Territory Season 2 starting in October, additionally there will be an additional weekly show based on the ‘Discovery Gauntlet’ match concept introduced in Uncharted Territory Season 1, which gave a platform to some of the best undiscovered talent in independent wrestling.

Secondly, and the crux of all of this, Beyond Wrestling has partnered with IWTV.Live (their current platform) Sports Entertainment Experience in establishing a permanent home for Beyond and Uncharted Territory in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. This will be a fixed operating platform for Beyond and DC has big BIG plans for this next phase of Beyond Wrestling.

Magnate Mat: This is amazing news. Beyond is one of the most prestigious independent organizations, not only in New England, but it’s reputation is growing around the nation. To have a permanent home/platform for their weekly tv show and other endeavors – this will change the game