Despite Fan Acclaim, This Weeks Raw Saw Big Ratings Drop

You could really see the difference in creative direction in this weeks edition of Raw with this weeks show clearly having Paul Heyman’s fingerprints all over it.

The vast majority of fans seemed to react very positively to the show this week (even I was impressed) but sadly, it seems like this wasn’t enough to keep lapsed fans who tuned in to see stars in the past in last weeks Raw reunion special to tune in this week.

Raw’s ratings saw a HUGE drop of 772,000 viewers for an average of 2,321,000 million viewers!

Here is the hourly breakdown:

8 pm – 2,407,000 viewers
9 pm – 2,324,000 viewers
10 pm – 2,233,000 viewers

Sir Mitch Says: Heyman has a long slog ahead of him trying to bring back fans who have turned their back on WWE in recent years!