Monday Night Raw (8/12/19)

Your Daily Dre:

“My shower only has two options: 3rd degree burns or skinny dipping in Antarctica. SMH”


Raw Results:

Seth Rollins comes out to open Raw and he talks about his victory over Brock Lesnar at Summerslam. He talks about the people helped him defeat the Beast. He keeps talking up the win and the OC come out to interrupt. AJ Styles talks about how Seth can forget Brock and worry about him now. AJ challenges Seth to a match for later on tonight and Seth accepts.

Backstage Street Profits are all into Rollins, but then Sami comes in and rips apart Rollins, the fans, even Becky.  Sami tells them to enjoy all the freshness as it’s going to go away.  They ask about Samoa Joe who Sami rips on completely, and is standing behind Sami.  Joe says they will be facing off in the ring, then pushes Sami down.

Joe to the ring.  Video recap of the car hitting Reigns’ car with Joe standing there.  Sami bounces out with more ego than ever.

Joe defeats Sami

Joe gets on mic and forgives Reigns, but not the fans who propagated the lies that he did it.  Joe leaves the ring and the fans are still chanting his name.

Miz to the ring.  Ziggler out in street clothes talking smack, saying he’s too injured to work, calling Miz a wimp.  Ziggler attacks Miz from behind to show he wasn’t really hurt by Goldberg.

Miz defeats Ziggler

Miz on the ramp and Ziggler on the mat with a mic talking smack about Miz’s family.  Miz back to the ring and takes out Ziggler again.

Elias says he’s sick of being interrupted by legends and superstars, so please come out before he starts.  Nothing.  He strums and out comes Ricochet telling Elias that he sucks.

Ricochet defeats Elias (His shoulders were not down.)

With help from Vega, Andrade gets the first fall.  Andrade gets the second fall.

Andrade defeats Rey

Cole interviews Austin from California, but audio kept cutting out.

Rey is all upset backstage about his loss.

McIntyre defeats Alexander

Brock walks into his locker room backstage.

AJ and the rest of the OC talk down Rollins.

Roode defeats Jose

Lucha House Party versus Revival ends in both of Revival pinning R-Truth to be dual 24/7 Champions.  Carmella helps Truth pin Revival to win the strap back, then they flee with everyone following them, including Drake.  Truth and Carmella are talking backstage until Elias hits Truth with his guitar and wins the strap for the third time.  Elias leaves with the strap as Carmella tends to Truth.  Elias 24/7 Champion

Nattie to the ring talking about her dislocated elbow, then on to the dream she had last night about her father telling her that he’s proud of her.  It’s been one year since he passed.  Sasha’s music hits and out she comes with her purple hair looking horrible.  Big hugs and love, then Sasha attacks Nattie.  Off comes Sasha’s jacket followed by her purple wig to show royal blue hair!  Sasha beats Nattie down all over the ring and outside, beating her with a chair!  Becky runs out and gets into it with Sasha.  Sasha beats Becky down with the chair outside the ring.  The refs cannot get close enough to Sasha to stop her.  Becky is totally beaten down when Sasha saunters away and up with ramp.

Viking Raiders defeat Jobbers

Bliss and Cross interviewed backstage and Bliss is still a bit heelish, but not much actually AT Nikki.

Bliss & Cross defeat Kabuki Warriors

Backstage Rollins talks down AJ and talks himself up in that he beat Brock twice and AJ at MITB.

Rollins versus AJ ends in DQ when after the ref throws Gallows and Anderson out of ringside they attack Rollins.  Ricochet out to try to even the score, but he is double-teamed and tossed out so Rollins can take more abuse.  They are about to destroy Rollins when Strowman’s music hits and he comes out to destroy the OC.  Strowman from the ring, grabs Rollins’ strap, and gives it back to him.  a handshake and Rollin still looks a bit nervously at Strowman, but accepts it all.