SDLive 8/13/19

Daily Dre:

Sex-ed classes in school should just be listening to a baby cry for six straight hours while watching Paw Patrol on repeat.


Smackdown Live Results:

Kevin Owens comes out to kick off Smackdown Live and is met with a huge ovation and chants. Owens talks about his time in WWE and his victory over Shane McMahon on Sunday. Owens then talks about wanting to win the King of the Ring tournament. Shane McMahon then comes out and talks about how Owens hit him with a low blow on Sunday to win the match. Shane keeps replaying clips from the match and fines Owens $100,000.

Owens confronts Shane in his office and gets in his face over the fine. Shane threatens to sue him if he lays a hand on him so Owens throws a chair at the TV monitor in the office.

Charlotte Flair def. Ember Moon

The New Daniel Bryan and Rowan come out to address the accusations of them being behind the attacks on Roman Reigns. Bryan says that Buddy Murphy said that because Roman was in his face and they aren’t behind the attacks. Bryan continues to deny the accusations and says he will prove it tonight.

Shane is interviewed in the back and is asked who will be the opponent for Kevin Owens tonight. Samoa Joe walks in and volunteers to be the opponent for Owens and Shane makes it official.

Aleister Black is in his room and talks about someone picking a fight with him. He says that they only have to knock and he will answer.

Roman Reigns def. Buddy Murphy

The Revival are interviewed backstage about their challenge to the New Day tonight. They talk about how the 24/7 Championship is beneath them and how they are there to put respect in the tag team division. They talk about not liking the New Day’s antics and they will show why they always beat them.

Samoa Joe def. Kevin Owens. Elias was the special guest enforcer and pulled the referee out of the ring to prevent Owens from winning. Joe rolled up Owens and Elias did a quick count.

The New Daniel Bryan and Rowan head into the locker room and confront Buddy Murphy about accusing Rowan. Bryan demands Murphy admit he was lying and they attack him when he doesn’t answer right away. Rowan pressing Murphy up against a wall and he eventually says that he lied.

New Day make their way out for Woods and Big E’s match with the Revival and Randy Orton comes out. He calls out Kofi for the finish of their match at Summerslam. Orton calls Kofi a coward and that he is scared to lose to him. Orton tells Kofi that the match should turn into a six-man tag match and Kofi obliges him.

The Revival & Randy Orton def. The New Day. After the match, Orton gives every member of the New Day an RKO.

Roman Reigns enters the New Daniel Bryan and Rowan’s locker room and Bryan demands an apology from Roman. Bryan says he has been looking into Roman’s attacks and says he will reveal it next week. Roman stares them down as Smackdown comes to a close.