I Demand An Apology

It feels like forever since I wrote a Royal Flush, even though I was only gone for two weeks. It’s amazing what two weeks of total immersion can do to your mind upon reentry. I missed the Wrestle Royalty Community as much as I missed watching and writing about wrestling but I’m back and so full of ideas for articles and possibly shows. So enjoy this edition of The Royal Flush and stay tuned for more to come!



KO on mic was great! He was on, then out came Shane. I loved the Mean Street Posse comment, but Shane was just not on par with KO on mic. The way KO reacted to the $100,000 USD fine was great. He hit the heart of most people, our families, food, shelter, etc. KO playing the everyman (the way SCSA did) against a McMahon (the way SCSA did) was well executed, but the problem is that Shane isn’t the horrible boss we all want to see beaten down the way his father was. Shane just doesn’t have that IT factor that his father does, and because of that this feels like a terribly cheap version of what worked so well in the Attitude Era.


Seriously Missing From SummerSlam

I’m not saying that Charlotte’s match at SummerSlam was bad because it wasn’t. In fact, Charlotte’s match with Trish was exactly what I’d been hoping for, but poor Ember Moon was shackled with Bayley and it really wasn’t very good at all. This match more than makes up for what Ember had to do at SummerSlam. It was great to see Ember be able to go all out and really show what she can do in the ring, something that’s been lacking for too long. The fans love Ember and have been really annoyed at how she’s been booked. It’s more than time the WWE push more than the Four Horsewomen and other blondes, especially when there are athletes like Ember and Naomi on the roster.


Captain Planet

I love Bryan’s shirt and how he’s handling this version of his character. I also have to admit that I’m loving with Rowan with Bryan. I’ve been a huge Rowan fan from day one. It’s the Viking look he has going on. Bryan is so great on mic, and this is something I never expected from the American Dragon all those years ago in ROH. He looked like such an accountant back then, not the hairy little seething man he’s become. Bryan is brilliant in how he handles the evolution of his character and many can learn from all he’s done in the industry.


Yes, Please!

Joe versus KO sounds like one of those things the WWE needs to do, in a HIAC, but I’ll take it on SDLive any time I can get it. Shane might be a mere shadow of who his father was when in this same storyline/feud, but some of the matches that have come from this storyline have been amazing. This has to be one of those matches!


Black Is Back

I was so bummed that his match with Sami was bumped to SDLive last week, and that he’s not having a continuing feud with anyone, even though I want to see him really kill it for a couple months in a feud with Cesaro. Anyway, I have to admit I like how they’re doing this because it’s so different from anything we’ve seen recently, or at all. I’m honestly not sure we have ever seen anything like this and I’m loving it, even though I want to see an epic feud between Cesaro and Black.


Mitch Makes His Mark!

I was hoping that Reigns wouldn’t just squash Murphy and end it quickly, but I honestly wasn’t expecting the match they gave us. If they hadn’t been building Murphy already with the questions over who attacked Reigns, this match sealed Murphy as someone to be watched. He worked his style while Reigns worked his and it worked beautifully. This match was an unexpected shining light on SDLive this week and I hope we get more from the two of them together in the ring because I feel like what they gave us was just the tip of the iceberg!


Revive Me

I guess they are getting better on mic, but I’m still not feeling them. Okay, yes, they are better on mic and I do enjoy how old school they can be, but they are just not truly clicking for me.


Taste The Rainbow

Normally I love New Day, but this segment fell flat for me. I get that Woods wants to be in the KoTR tourney, but beyond that, this segment was quite blah for being New Day.


I Was Right!

Joe versus KO was great. This match was the greatness I expected with the screwing we all knew would happen when Elias came to the ring as a zebra. Beyond Elias these guys killed it in the ring. KO and Joe are two of the best on the roster, but putting them into the ring together, they are more than the sum of their parts – as large as those parts are. This was glorious, and like the previous match, we need to see more of these two in the ring together as well.


Planeteer Abuse

Poor Murphy got it from all angles on this episode! That being said he’s really holding his own in all the segments and in the ring, so it appears that all the complaints we’ve had about him being pulled over from 205 Live and not showing up on SDLive can be tossed out the window. I don’t know what the original plans for him were, but working a storyline with Bryan, Rowan, and Reigns right off the blocks, and looking as great as he has, his upside is amazing. Hopefully they don’t drop the ball with him during or after this.


Robot On Mic

I know some people are loving Orton in this incarnation, but I’m not one of those people. I’m good at holding a grudge for a short while, then I drop it, but with Orton I just cannot get past certain things he’s done and his lack of remorse. I cannot get behind someone like him, no matter how great he might be now.


Reviving Orton?

I have to say I found this match more interesting than I expected to with Revival and Orton in there. It wasn’t the match of the night, but it was solid. They all worked really hard and a story was told. Honestly Revival looked solid in there and I got more from them than the usual old-school-lack-of-personality-crap I normally get from them. I know a lot of people like them and want to see them succeed, but I’m not vibing on them at all. Has nothing to do with Orton in this match and everything to do with just not getting anything beyond solid technical old school ring work. Not feeling them at all.


You Did To Joe!

As a mother I know a demanded apology, even if the person apologizes does truly mean it, isn’t actually a true apology. I have to say that I’m liking Reigns and how he’s playing things in a quieter way. Not saying anything and staring the way he did was so much more powerful than if he had said anything at all. A great way to end SDLive.


Final Flush

This was a solid episode of SDLive. It’s not the best we’ve seen, but things have really been shaken up and we got to see some really solid ring work and mic work. It really seems as though things are looking up for WWE TV and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that things will continue on this upswing.

Queen KB