New Signees to WWE Performance Center

The WWE has announced on Twitter that a new rookie class has emerged at the WWE Performance Center.  Here’s the photo of the new class:


Back (left to right): EJ Nduka, Marcos Gomez, Tehuti Miles, Aleksandar Jaksic, & Austin Theory
Front (left to right): Catalina Garcia, Santana Garrett, Briana Brandy, & Rita Reis


Botch Take – Apparently, WWE’s stance is to hire everyone they can.  I’d be quite surprised if any of these athletes are actually used in an important capacity.  Santana & Austin have the best shot but even they aren’t guaranteed decent runs.  WWE’s PC locker room is entirely too full and they can’t possibly use all the talent they’ve signed.  Most of these faces will never make it.  As I type this, we’re arguing about it now.  Sad thing is there is no argument; I know I’m right here.  History has proven it.  I wish them all well, of course, but this won’t end well for most if not all of them.