King Of The Ring Predicts

The WWE has decided to bring back King of The Ring this year, not as a PPV as it once was, but as something to be aired on Raw. While I think anything less than a PPV is a travesty to the KoTR, I’m only one voice and I know a lot of people are less excited than I am for KoTR. Honestly, I had to strong-arm a couple of the WR writers into predicting the KoTR winner, but at least you will get all our honest opinions.


Queen KB

I’m one of the few here who really loves the KoTR, and have even pulled out my Royal Rumble whiteboard to work this out. Yes, I’m a total wrestling nerd. Anyway, I think a number of superstars who have been looking solid recently could be filler for this tourney as I don’t think they’re ready for the push that should come with winning KoTR, suck as Alexander, Gable, Crews, Murphy, and even Andrade who I wish was further along than he is. There are some who I think are almost too far along to need to win the KoTR, such as Miz, KO, and Benjamin. That narrows the playing field quite a bit but still leaves me with a diverse group of talent.

Honestly I don’t feel as though they would give this title to Sami, Elias, Ricochet, or Corbin. I cannot put my finger on why I don’t feel why they won’t win it, just a gut feeling. That leaves me with four to choose from. As much as I love Ali, I don’t see him winning this right off the bat as he returns to the ring from injury. The final three are all strong wrestlers on the cusp of something huge, but I’ve thought Cesaro was on the cusp of something huge since before he joined up with Swagger. I will be shocked if they put the crown on Cesaro, even though he more than deserves it and a huge singles push. Personally I think 2020 is McIntyre’s year to win the Royal Rumble Match, so winning KoTR would mean very little in the grand scheme of things. That leaves my TNA favorite, Samoa Joe. Yes, I’m going with Samoa Joe to win the 2019 KoTR. Can’t you just see a royally pissed off Joe with the scepter (weapon) held at his side and a crown crookedly on his head? I’m honestly not sure how long Joe will be able to work the ring to the level he’s been working and he would kill it as KoTR, so I have to go with Joe.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – King Joe


Baron Botch

To be honest, I couldn’t care less about any of this. I never liked it and I have no use for it now. I’m sorry it’s back and hope it won’t dominate the shows until it mercifully ends. I’m sure we’ll get some good matches from it but there is also filler talent featured that will clearly be eliminated quickly. I’ve always liked Shelton Benjamin but WWE doesn’t so he won’t last. Sami Zayn has absolutely no chance either. Ditto on Apollo though I’ve been a fan of his since his indie days as Uhaa Nation. As for who wins, I’m thinking it’ll be a heel. I like the idea of King Elias. He’s been trapped as Shane McMahon’s henchman and nearly all of the excitement surrounding him has completely eroded. This would be a nice way to rekindle it. Plus, he’d throw it everyone’s face every chance he got which I like the idea of as well.

Botch’s Predicted Winner – King Elias


Sir Mitch

Speaking personally, I’m probably the only staff member of Wrestle Royalty who didn’t care at all about WWE bringing back King Of The Ring. I was never a big fan of the tournament and the last few people to win it didn’t exactly light the world on fire after they were crowned. But then I saw my fellow Aussie Buddy Murphy (I’M NOT HIM, STOP SAYING I AM) absolutely kill it with Roman Reigns on Smackdown. So if you ask me, I think it’s time we changed the usual royal colours of purple and gold to green and gold! Aussie Aussie Aussie!!!

Mitch’s Predicted Winner – King Buddy Murphy


Sovereign SAM

WWE decided to bring back the old King of the Ring tournament and I am totally looking forward to it. It was always one of my favorite things to see in the 90s and provided us with some great moments. Owen Hart is my personal favorite King of the Ring winner and it did some major things for his career. I look at the field and there are some people who could definitely be elevated by winning this. I will say though that there is one person to win and the answer is really two-fold. The person that makes the most sense to me in winning this is Baron Corbin. For one, it will make the IWC crazy and I want to see that happen. The other reason is that, like Owen Hart, this could be used to help elevate Corbin to that next level of heel. Imagine him saying that he is no longer Baron Corbin and he is now King Corbin. He is already total slime, and this will just make him that much more of a slime.

SAM’s Predicted Winner – King Baron Corbin


Duke Dre

This field for the returning King Of The Ring tournament is a very nice mix of top talent and guys who are hardly utilized on TV anymore. And with that mix I’m sure this tournament will feature a Cinderella or two (circa Crash Holly in 2000). In the next paragraph or so I’m going to predict who I feel wins this through the process of elimination as I write.

Shelton Benjamin, Chad Gable, Apollo Crews, Elias, and Sami Zayn seem like the obvious filler here and therefore I give these guys ZERO chance of winning this let alone get out the first round.

The Miz and Cesaro feel like guys who could easily advance to the 2nd round but I still wouldn’t be too surprised if one or neither of them did. Regardless, I eliminate them from having any chance of winning the crown.

Now we get to the underdogs who very well could get bounced in the 1st round or get all the way to the 3rd or even final round before coming up just short. Cedric Alexander and Buddy Murphy both had one hell of a week and were given a chance to dance with the big boys of the WWE and they were impressive even if they just fell short of a victory. Both seem likely to pull off an upset or two and garner some fan support along the way.

Samoa Joe, Mustafa Ali, Kevin Owens & Baron Corbin are guys that just as easily could win it all. Joe could benefit from such an accomplishment but even if he falls short his credibility won’t be a hurt a bit. Owens comes across as the perfect face here to win the whole thing but I get the feeling a “Steve Austin at Survivor Series 98” screw job awaits him. Ali winning here would be a very nice underdog story going into the fall, I see him going very far (maybe to the finals) but falling just short. I thought of the internet having a complete meltdown if Constable Corbin went over in this tournament brings a smile to my face but If I was a betting man I wouldn’t hang my hat on it.

That narrows it down to two. Drew McIntyre or Andrade. Drew rocking the royal crown and a king’s robe is an image that just seems so perfect. Drew already has that medieval look and vibe to him. Not only that but if this tournament is being used to set up Seth Rollins’ next title feud around October then having Drew win this makes all the sense in the world, this would also set Drew up to be RAW’s top heel in the wake of Brock losing at Summerslam and going on hiatus again which is a spot Drew should definitely be in. With Andrade winning it not only makes him King but it would make Zelina the Queen and who doesn’t love an entertaining heel King/Queen duo (remember King Booker and Queen Sharmell?) And as I stated with Drew, if this year’s King Of The Ring is being used to set up Kofi’s next challenger (assuming he gets past Orton) then Andrade would be the perfect up and coming heel to step up to Kofi.

With all that said I give the slight nod to Drew McIntyre here. He’s my pick to win this year’s King Of The Ring

Duke Dre’s Predicted Winner – King Drew McIntyre


Magnate Mat

So during SummerSlam, WWE announced the return of King Of The Ring. Back in the day (the 90’s), the KOTR was a tournament with some prestige and history has shown us the pedigree of the show. Winners like Harley Race, Bret Hart, Triple H, Owen Hart, Stone Cold Steve Austin (KOTR was his launching pad), made the KOTR exciting, but alas those days are gone….or are they?

In the past few years, the KOTR has been bought back intermittently to try and elevate a new or midcard level star. Wade Barrett, Sheamus both won the tournament and basically just ran around with a crown after for a few months, but this seems different.

The field is split between RAW and SD Live, but honestly….it’s gonna be Baron Corbin…the WWE is desperate to make Baron Corbin happen and we are all going to have to deal with it. All Hail the Mayonnaise King…Baron Corbin

Mat’s Predicted Winner – King Baron Corbin


Previously stated, not everyone is excited about KoTR this time around, but the WWE has been trying different things lately, throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks. As a fan of KoTR I’m thrilled and hope the WWE does right by the winner, giving him the push winning KoTR should include. Next Queen of The Ring? Fingers crossed!