Everything We Know About NXT Possibly Moving To TV

There have been a ton of rumours floating around regarding WWE moving NXT off of the WWE Network to compete with AEW’s upcoming TV show on TNT.

We have been reluctant to address any of these rumours as we have been unable to confirm any of them to be true. But as they don’t seem to be going away…we thought we would put them all in one place for you.

  • NXT’s broadcast future is expected to be announced on today’s episode of Raw.
  • Despite earlier rumours of NXT moving to FS1, it’s now looking more likely to be moved to the USA network.
  • The show will be extended to two hours and will also feature stars from Raw, Smackdown and 205 Live.
  • Triple H reportedly told the talent and crew of NXT that “things are changing” and to “watch TV on Monday.” However, he didn’t share much else as he didn’t want any news leaking.
  • Triple H also apparently told everyone in NXT “See you on the 21st of September” which is a Saturday. So either NXT may actually air on Saturday’s instead of Wednesday’s or he could have been talking about a yet to be announced special event.
  • Vince will also start having a hand in NXT’s creative and production process same as all WWE weekly shows broadcast on TV.
  • If AEW is worried about all of this, they aren’t showing it. The company has apparently registered the trademark “Wednesday Night War.”

Sir Mitch Says: I doubt NXT will be half as good on TV if I’m honest. Part of the reason why it works is it has no outside interference on the WWE Network. No Vince, no TV execs, no answering to advertisers. It’s pure and uncompromised. That’s why fans love it!