Confirmed: NXT moves to USA Network

In a move that’s been getting a lot of unconfirmed coverage, WWE finally confirmed NXT’s move to the USA Network.  Here are the details:

This move has been rumored for a while but no one could nail down where it might go.  Will it go to Fox, FS1, or USA.  Now, we know definitively and we have a date:  September 18th.


Botch Take:  Well, well, well.  To be honest, I don’t know how I feel about this.  NXT is my favorite WWE-branded show by a long shot so I fear what might happen to it in this environment.  Will other hands dig into it, thus diluting the final product or will it be left as is – just longer?  Will “Raw” talent cross over to it?  I sincerely hope it’s just left alone.  There is certainly more than enough talent in WWE PC to just leave things alone and feature more of its talent.  Of course, I’m no fool.  I don’t expect it to go exactly that way but I can dream, can’t I?  

We also can’t ignore the black and gold elephant in the room:  AEW.  This is undoubtedly why NXT is moving.  This is gamesmanship and I can’t even be mad at it.  If you’ve got it, go for it, right?  They’re also smart enough to get a two-week head start on AEW so they can get comfortable in their new spot before AEW can even begin.  Well played, WWE.