Current Favorite WWE Theme Songs

Hi, kids.  It’s the Botching One exploring the Majesty of Music once more.  Let’s take a look at some excellent WWE themes that do their job extremely well.  I mostly went with NXT themes as these are the ones that occurred.  Here we go!


Bray Wyatt – “Live in Fear” – Code Orange

This one has the attention of the entire wrestling world right now.  This debuted at this year’s Summerslam and while I figured there’d have to be a new theme (after all, this isn’t the Bray Wyatt we once knew), I don’t think anyone was ready for this.  Of course, the bed of this is his original theme, “Live in Fear” (originally titled “Broken Out in Love”) by British musician Mark Crozer.  WWE bought the rights to this when the original Bray Wyatt character debuted which, of course, enables them to do anything they want to do with it – up to and including completely re-arranging it to suit new purposes if they choose.  That’s what they’ve done here. This is about as in-your-face and unsettling as it gets.  We even get a little “yowie wowie” in there in the intro just for fun.  Of all the themes this article will cover, this is quite easily the most perfect.  It is beyond creepy and that’s exactly what’s needed of this character.  MAJOR kudos to Code Orange – a band from Pittsburgh, PA, who brilliantly re-imagined Crozer’s tune.


Street Profits – “Bring the Swag” (f/ J-Frost)

The CFO$ are the best thing to happen to WWE.  This is one of the many reasons why.  This is a team with…well…serious swag.  They’re also a lot of fun and charismatic.  They needed a theme to match…and they got it.  The first eight chords lets you know you’re in for a party and the rest more than delivers.  It enables Montez and Angelo to really hype up the crowd as only they can.  I dearly love the Street Profits and the theme only enhances my enjoyment of them as a team.


Pete Dunne – “Bruiserweight”

This just sounds like anger – much like Shayna Baszler’s.  When you hear this, you know what it pre-figures.  You’ll get a guy who will take great pleasure in bringing tremendous pain.  His join manipulation makes me cringe and he’s incredibly hard-hitting.  This theme is dead perfect for him.


Mia Yim – “Number One”

Mia Yim is the Head Baddie in Charge and she needed a theme with some serious swag to properly sell her.  She gets that here.  I love the simplicity of this one.  There are very few words and that’s really all you need for her.  She does her talking in the ring.


Keith Lee – “Limitless”

The beat here is great.  It’s huge…just like he is.  It isn’t perfect.  The rap (by Keith himself) is a little broken and his flow is suspect.  He’s actually quite talented musically.  Why they didn’t have him sing is beyond me because he absolutely can.  Still, the beat gets it completely over with me.  Seeing him come out to this is absolutely fantastic and its shortcomings become pretty easy to ignore.


Which ones do you like these days?  Let me know in the comments below!