Smackdown Live (8/20/19)

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Smackdown Results:

Randy Orton comes out and talks about Kofi Kingston and calls him stupid. Orton recaps what he and the Revival did on Monday and how they injured Xavier Woods. Kofi’s music then hits and he gives Orton a Trouble in Paradise from behind. Kofi puts Orton’s foot in a chair and climbs the rope to stomp on it but the Revival come down to save Orton. Kofi beats the Revival up with the chair and stands tall in the ring.

Shane McMahon is in his office and Kevin Owens walks in and asks why Shane called for him. Shane asks him to speak his mind and Owens talks about how he overreacted last week to getting fined. Owens says he talked it over with his family about how he reacted and asks Shane to reconsider the fine. Shane tells him he will think about it.

Andrade def. Apollo Crew to advance in the King of the Ring tournament

The New Daniel Bryan and Rowan are backstage with someone with a hood draped over their head. Bryan tells the man that he knows what he did and to not move from the chair.

Elias is in the back and bumps into a referee and tells him to let him know where Drake Maverick is. Elias grabs Drake and gives Drake a note that says the 24/7 Championship rules are suspended for the night.

Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross are out for A Moment of Bliss and they introduce the guest for the evening, Charlotte Flair. Charlotte talks about how she beat Trish Stratus at Summerslam and talks about how she is better than Bayley. Bayley then comes out and talks about how she is the champ and Charlotte isn’t. Charlotte challenges Bayley for a match at Clash of Champions and Bayley accepts.

Buddy Murphy is in his locker room and Roman Reigns walks in. Roman asks him who he is lying to and Murphy says that he is still pretty sure he saw Rowan. Murphy says he is tired of people getting in his business and Roman tells him that if he is lying this time that he will kick his butt.

Buddy Murphy def. The New Daniel Bryan

Buddy Murphy is about to be interviewed in the back but is attacked by Rowan and Bryan. Rowan puts Murphy through a table with the Iron Claw.

The Revival def. Heavy Machinery

Chad Gable is interviewed backstage about being the underdog of the KOTR tournament and says that he has been the underdog since he started wrestling. Shelton Benjamin is in the background and puts something on the door to Gable’s locker room. The note says “you have to be this tall to be in the KOTR” and Gable scoffs at it.

The Miz is out for Miz TV and introduces Sami Zayn as his guest for the evening. Sami says he doesn’t care about Miz TV but he needed some TV time to get some things off his chest. Sami says he has fought for things and his future is in helping people. Shinsuke Nakamura then makes his way out and Miz questions the pairing. Sami begins to talk up Nakamura and says that they understand each other. Nakamura then attacks the Miz and Sami holds the Miz in order for Nakamura to hit the Kinshasa on Miz.

Bryan and Rowan are in the room with the hooded person and Bryan tells him that he is ready to let everybody know what he did.

Shane is in his office and Kevin Owens walks in and Shane explains how nobody can put a hand on an official. Owens apologizes for his actions and Shane says he reconsidered lifting the fine. Shane tells Owens that if he puts a hand on another official that he will be fired.

Elias def. Kevin Owens. Shane McMahon came down to the ring and revealed he was acting as a referee. Shane does a quick count to allow Elias to pick up the win.

Roman Reigns enters the room where Bryan and Rowan have the person that attacked Roman and it is someone with a beard like Rowan. Roman stares confused as Smackdown comes to a close.