AEW Doesn’t Sell Out Immediately

AEW tickets are a big part of wrestling news today!  Their tickets or their Pittsburgh and West Virginia tapings have not sold out immediately.  Tickets have been on sale for about five hours as of this writing and they are not yet sold out.  This is a huge change for AEW’s tickets, but there are a few possible reasons for this.

The first being, as I wrote about earlier, AEW working over the scalpers so they don’t get away with gouging the fans.  The second possible reason is that it’s been announced that NXT will be moving to USA as of September 18.


QD – Whatever the reasons for AEW’s tickets not selling out as fast as they have previously, I think the fans are all winners.  We are moving into another golden age of wrestling and we should all be celebrating this!  For the first time since the late 90s-early aughts we have a number of wrestling companies on TV vying for our attention.  I understand that more wrestling can be found online these days, but I’m 46 and still stuck in a TV rut.  I’m not a techie of any sort, so hunting for things online is just not my forte, so I’m thrilled that these shows will be appearing on my TV without me having to hunt for it, or have Botch send me a link.