Scalpers Got Screwed

Pro wrestling fans have been watching intently since the first All In tickets sold out in momentous time, and it appears as though all the sold outs and fast sales are not the full story.

AEW, especially Cody Rhodes (who got a fan to one of his shows when the fans was unable to get tickets at one point a couple of years ago), really want to work with the fans and get their butts in the seats. Scalpers have always been an issue for any popular shows of any type, but they have really been working the AEW tickets very hard, especially the tickets for the first month AEW shows on TNT.

It appears as though all the tickets have been sold, but the Washington DC show isn’t actually as sold out as it previously appeared. A specific broker bought thousands of tickets with the plan of selling them at a huge profit, but AEW was one step ahead and has flooded the market with tickets so the broker has had to drop prices so low that they’re taking a loss on all the tickets they bought!


QD – This made me laugh aloud and I’m still smiling as I write this. It seems that at every turn AEW is doing something really right, and this is just one more of those things.  Bravo AEW!