Royalty in the Round – Wednesday Night Wars

We had an absolute ball with this.  Along with the usual interaction from your Royals, Queen Kendra, Sir Mitch, Duke Dre, & Baron Botch, we were also joined by indie wrestler, Shane Foster.  He’s a Chicago guy and has worked with many promotions in that area and elsewhere.  Of course, when you introduce a new element to an already-working unit, we can never be sure how it’ll work out.  We knew it’d be fun but we weren’t quite ready for how much fun this would really be.  Shane turned out to fit us like a glove and we had total blast.  We seem to do well with that as Tristen was equally fun on the last one too.  Anyway, here’s the latest episode – this one talking about the impending Wednesday Night War between WWE’s NXT and AEW’s new show on TNT: