Smackdown Live! (8/27/19)

Your Daily Dre:

Some people fill their car tires with nitrogen, but I prefer helium. It doesn’t help mileage but when I have a blow-out it sounds funnier.


Smackdown Live Results:

Roman Reigns is interviewed backstage about possibly apologizing to Bryan and Rowan and says he will say what he has to say to them in the ring.

Kofi Kingston comes out and talks about how he beat down Orton and the Revival last week. Kofi talks about how he has been proving that he is worthy of being WWE champion and how Orton has made this personal. Kofi talks about how he will beat Orton at Clash of Champions and Orton pops up on the tron calling Kofi “Stupid”. Orton reads a letter and it says that he should stop attacking Kofi and says it is from Kofi’s son. Kofi runs to the back and he and Orton brawl in Gorilla.

Ali def. Buddy Murphy to advance in the King of the Ring tournament

Bayley is in the back and Ember Moon walks in and talks about Bayley being the face of the division despite what Charlotte has said. She says she will beat her the next time they have a match and then Lacey Evans walks in. Lacey says that Charlotte is right about Bayley not being the face of the division. Lacey says she will prove that she is the face in their match later tonight.

The Miz comes out and talks about the events from last week. He talks about how Sami hasn’t done anything in WWE and issues a challenge to Shinsuke Nakamura for the Intercontinental Championship. Sami Zayn then comes out and talks about how the Miz just doesn’t get it. Sami continues to talk down to Miz and Miz tells him to come into the ring to do something about it. Nakamura then comes from behind and beats down the Miz.

Elias is playing his guitar in Shane McMahon’s office and Kevin Owens walks in. Elias talks about how close he is to winning KOTR and Owens wonders why Elias is in Shane’s office. Elias tells Owens that Shane isn’t there and Owens walks off.

Bayley def. Lacey Evans

Daniel Bryan and Rowan are interviewed backstage and Bryan says that he expects to hear an apology from Roman Reigns before the night is over.

Randy Orton def. Big E. The Revival came down during the match and that led to Orton winning. After the match, the Revival and Orton do an assisted RKO on Big E.

Chad Gable is interviewed backstage about his upcoming match with Shelton Benjamin. Gable says that he will prove everybody wrong that think he will lose. Shelton then comes in and makes fun of Gable’s height again.

Elias is sitting on the throne and talks about how he will become king. Kevin Owens comes from behind and attacks Elias and gives him a stunner in the ring. R-Truth comes out to pin Elias but Drake Maverick pulls him out before the three count. Drake pins Elias to become the new 24/7 Champion.

Chad Gable def. Shelton Benjamin to advance in the King of the Ring tournament

Roman Reigns comes out to decide if he will apologize to Bryan and Rowan and before he can say a word, Bryan and Rowan come on the tron and Bryan says he should apologize. Roman takes a poll from the audience and plays a video. The video shows Rowan push the crates onto Roman during the first attack and Bryan berates Rowan and slaps him. Bryan comes out and says that Rowan betrayed and lied to him and says it wasn’t him that told him to do it. Roman Reigns gives Bryan a spear and walks off.