Speak Softly And Carry A Big Spear

SDLive continues to get better and better with superstars who seemed to be going nowhere until very recently. So many changes and so much coming at us so soon. This is the best time in this century to be a pro wrestling fan, and I’m giddy to be joining you on this journey, one SDLive at a time as they get better and better!



Short, sweet, and to the point. I love Reigns’ quiet way of speaking that says so much more than if he was yelling. It’s where Reigns is at his strongest on mic. Reigns doesn’t need the histrionics of the Rock as they don’t work for him. He will never be the talker Rocky is, but he’s finding his niche and these tiny moments are when he’s at his best as a character and on mic.


Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

I’m loving this stronger, cockier Kofi. He’s not heelish or over-the-top, but he’s showing some swagger than is edgier than his normal New Day schtick, and it’s fantastic. I’m loving this Kofi Kingston and I’m really excited to see him destroy Orton again. We all know how I feel about Orton, so I’m almost guaranteed to side with whoever Orton is facing, though I’d be backing Kofi no matter who he was facing.

Not an Orton fan, though I’m one of those who has little issue with families being brought into storylines. I know a lot of people have issue with it, but look at Dominic, he’s just fine after all the Eddie is your father thing. AJ’s daughter looked a bit worried when he was bleeding at the hands of Uncle Joe, but nothing beyond normal for any kid at a show. Kofi’s boys have been all into the storyline and feud, having no trouble getting in Orton’s face over the barricade, yelling little boy smack at Orton. Kofi’s boys have shown no fear in this and I’ll be shocked if Orton hadn’t spent a little time with them so they were less scared by him. For the involvement of children in this, I think they’re doing a great job of it.


Cranky E

Has Big E lost weight? He looks great and I want to see him destroy Orton tonight! He was really great here without all the silliness and wildness. He’s more than just an over-the-top superstar, he really does have range.


205 Live

I love that less than a year ago these two were both in 205 Live with little hopes of anything more, and now they are in a qualifier for KoTR! That’s growth and change that we haven’t seen in the WWE in a decade or more, and I love it!

I have no clue how Murphy kicked out of the reverse ranna. That move was SICK! Then Ali’s DDT and 450, both of those men are insane. How do they do this without getting hurt? I know that they know what they are doing, but still, some of those moves look like there’s no way either could walk away from. These two are better in the ring than half of the rest of the roster, and I hope they both get the pushes they truly deserve.


Nasties Laugh

Ember is wrong about Bayley being the face of ANY division. Bayley is so boring! On the other hand seeing Ember with almost no makeup on and looking as beautiful as she does was great to see! Lacey on the other hand…ugh, she wasn’t very good either.



I realized watching this that I somehow never watched SDLive last week. I know I was sick and slept through it, but I somehow didn’t watch it and didn’t post the Flush and I’m sorry about that. Anyway, I missed SDLive so I missed the start of this Sami/Nakamura/Miz storyline. First time I watched this I wasn’t impressed, but Botch loved it so I went back and watched it again and I’m right there with him. Not only am I right there with him, I have to go completely rewrite two whole sections of The 5 that I thought was ready to be posted, but so isn’t now!

Miz, as always, was great on mic, but it’s Sami that won me over. Finally heel Sami has a direction and it actually makes some sort of sense. The best part is that it has nothing to do with KO!


That Coat!

Almost every week I see an article of clothing on Elias that I want. The first piece was that white Hawaiian t-shirt with pink and blue flowers. I love a lot of his clothes, but I think I love that coat he was wearing the most. I might like it more than Asuka’s coat. I think I need to find the right fabrics and make my own version of Elias’ coat because it would look amazing on me!

What was up with KO and how calm he was. It was very strange and I love it. The fact that I’m writing about how calm KO was should show how different it was from any of his normal tones of voice. It was strange and great at the same time.


Better Than Before?

Bayley looked around on the mat for Lacey’s gloves, then called ‘arm drag’ before Lacey ran at her. Really? I really wanted a lot more from Bayley, and then I hoped moving her to SDLive would help, but no, she’s sucking eggs. That being said, this was possibly Lacey’s best match so far and Bayley looked better than normal too. Bayley actually emoted quite well in this match, and other than that one little botch between both of them, it wasn’t a bad match at all.


I Want Big E’s Boots!

I don’t know where my head has been, other than very medieval, but I honestly hadn’t noticed how much weight Big E has lost and just how jacked he is right now. He has a waist that really nips in, compared to being strait from armpit to hip as he used to be. His thighs are thicker, which is scary. I don’t have thin waist due to all my abdominal surgeries, but his thigh might be as big as my waist and that’s intimidating!

Anyone who thought that Big E would come out of that match unscathed has to be tipping into the sauce. This is Randy Orton we are talking about here. He is in VKM’s ear and cannot do anything wrong, even when he does huge and horrible things wrong and it’s been proven that he did it.


Shorty Gable

I’ve never been a fan of Benjamin (even though I got him to autograph my cat ears back in the day), but I thought he was solid here. He wasn’t great, but I never thought he was great on mic. Gable sold his annoyance without saying a word to Benjamin. That look from Gable said more than words could have.


I’m Neaking Up On You…

The way KO’s face came from behind the throne was just great! I am bummed that Elias’ jacket wasn’t as nice looking full on, and that he won’t be KoTR now that he’s worn the crown. His speech was solid, unlike how he unsnapped the 24/7 strap from behind his back as he lay on the mat waiting for R-Truth. It was so obvious that something more was coming.

I know some people (Big Vito) don’t like the 24/7 Championship, but I think it’s given certain superstars a chance to show their personalities and really shine on Raw, SDLive, and other strange places that are most unexpected. Elias was one more great cog in the fun that is 24/7.



Anyone who thought that Shelton would win that match has no clue how the WWE books matches. Of course the little guy came out on top after all the crap he’s been catching from Shelton. Also, it’s Shelton who continues to show me no reason for him to be in the WWE, again. I always catch guff when someone comes in, or comes back, and I say that it’s a bad move. I was willing to give McIntyre a chance when he came back as it had been a long time and I’d seem some of the great things he’d done outside the WWE. When ADR, Mahal, and Brock Lesnar came back I ran through the streets pronouncing doom and gloom and everyone told me that I was jumping at shadows and that person was so much better than they were before, that they would go for it and really show us they care this time around, and yet they always prove me right. These men left for a reason and when they haven’t shown anything good outside the WWE, why would they show it when they return? I see no reason and Shelton is doing exactly what I said he’d do, disappoint us all over again. I’d rather watch Charlie Haas sell real estate!


Slap! Slap! Slap! Spear! Spear! Spear!

I love this segment! I love the slaps from Bryan on Rowan. He was vicious and looked really pissed, but nothing as pissed as that look he had on his face as he headed to the ring. That look was insane! I’m still in awe at how much Bryan has grown since joining the WWE. I know I’ve said it numerous times, but he’s a great actor, something I never thought possible seeing him in ROH. Bryan is amazing!

Then there’s Reigns who was actually quite good here because he was quiet and to the point. This is obviously what’s best for Joe and he’s rocked it on this episode. I hope they continue to have him speak softly and carry a big spear. (See what I did there?)


Final Flush

As with Raw, SDLive keeps getting better and better. This episode was really solid, with only a couple of blips. Not bad as the industry is on the cusp of great changes. The WWE has been stepping up their game with the competition coming their way. Isn’t it interesting how competition has made the WWE so much better? AEW hasn’t even aired and the WWE has stepped things up in a huge way. So much for the years of giving us fans what we want! Interesting how things change in the industry when McMahon starts getting worried.

Queen KB