AEW Championship Belt Stolen

It appears as though Chris Jericho has reported that his AEW Championship belt was stolen in Tallahassee, Florida.  The belt was locked in the limo Jericho had been traveling in.  After being dropped at Longhorn Steakhouse, the limo driver took the wrong luggage that Jericho accidentally picked up back to the airport to exchange them for Jericho’s luggage.  When the limo returned to Longhorn Steakhouse the championship belt was missing.


QD – Jericho hasn’t had the belt for four days and it’s been stolen.  That has to be some sort of a record!  I feel horrible for Jericho and AEW.  It really pisses me off when people do things like this.  It disgusts me that people steal like this.  It happens too often in the industry, but there’s virtually no way to fence items like Jericho’s belt, or Flair’s robes (many of them were stolen a number of years ago), so they have to be stolen by wrestling fans who keep these items for themselves and don’t share the info with anyone else.  What is the point in having something like that and not be able to display it?  I truly do not understand people.