Legend Appearing On SDLive Next Week

Next week Stone Cold Steve Austin will be appearing live on Raw and The Undertaker has been announced for SDLive as well.  Taker had been advertised for SDLive, but the WWE has officially announced it on TV.  That specific SDLive will be from Madison Square Garden, and while the WWE claims Taker’s appearance has nothing to do with ticket sales, there are tickets still available for the show.


QD – I know a lot of people have issues with the frequency of certain legends appearing on Raw, SDLive, and PPVs, but I’m not one of them.  Personally I’m excited to see Austin on Raw next week, even though I know it’s all about ratings as they continue to push for the stars before they head to FOX, also Austin is there to push his own new show.  Since he’s not on WWE TV every other week and he’s not trying to force everyone to relive his glory days by working the ring, I have no troubles with Austin being there for a contract signing and maybe stunners for the OC.  Taker, on the other hand, really needs to step back.  He’s too old and it’s showing in his ring work.  If he really wanted to be on TV on a regular basis, he should be doing something other than working the ring and possibly shortening his life and that of who he is facing in the ring.