Smackdown Live! (9/3/19)

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How to help solve obesity in America:  turn all vending machines into claw machines and make people earn their snacks.


Smackdown Live Results:

Bayley comes out to address her actions from Raw and says that they should have seen it coming. She says that Sasha Banks is still her best friend and how she tries to make everybody feel like she felt growing up a fan. She talks about being a role model to kids and how she is better at that than Charlotte Flair and Charlotte makes her way out. Charlotte says that she has heard it all and what you see is what you get. Before she can say anything else, Sasha Banks comes out. Charlotte attacks Bayley and Sasha runs down to help Bayley. Charlotte gets the better of the two until Bayley brings in a steel chair and they two attack Charlotte with it.

Elias def. Ali to advance in the King of the Ring tournament

Samoa Joe is interviewed backstage about why he is at Smackdown Live tonight. Joe says he is there to scout his competition and that he will become king.

Aleister Black is in his room and talks about how he tired of waiting and will head down to the ring to see if anybody will pick a fight with him.

Fire & Desire (Sonya & Mandy) def. Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross

Randy Orton comes out and talks about the attacks he has done on Kofi Kingston and the New Day and how he will beat Kofi for the WWE Championship. Orton calls out Kofi and the Revival come out beating down Kofi and they drag him to the ring. The bring Kofi into the ring and Orton beats him down while yelling “stupid!” at him and gives him an assisted RKO with the help of the Revival.

Chad Gable def. Andrade to advance in the King of the Ring tournament

Aleister Black def. Shelton Benjamin

Drake Maverick and his wife Renee Michelle are in a boiler room walking and the Singh Bros try to pin Drake but he kicks out. He avoids Gran Metalik and kicks out of a pin by Curtis Axel. Bo Dallas then appears and pins Drake to become the new 24/7 Champion.

Shinsuke Nakamura def. local talent

Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel enter the ring and are chased by the Singh Bros, Gran Metalik, and Drake Maverick. Drake pins Dallas to win the 24/7 Championship. As Drake makes his way up the ramp, R-Truth comes out of hiding and pins him to regain the 24/7 Championship.

The New Daniel Bryan comes out and continues to state that he has nothing to do with the attacks on Roman Reigns. Bryan talks about hating liars and continues to demand an apology from Roman. Roman comes out and is attacked from behind by Erick Rowan. Bryan tries to pull off Rowan but is thrown to the side by Rowan. Rowan powerbombs Roman into the ring post and hits him with the Iron Claw in the ring. Rowan says that Bryan had nothing to do with it and he is nobody’s puppet. Rowan tells Bryan to get in the ring and slap him and says he is proud of the attacks on Roman. Rowan continues to attack Roman and Bryan comes to stop him and gives him a slap. Rowan then puts Bryan through the announce table with the Iron Claw.