NXT Schedule for First Two Weeks on USA Network

The first two weeks of NXT as it appears on the USA Network beginning September 18th through September 25th will be different from the rest.  They’ll run as follows:

At 8pm, the show will begin on the USA Network.  The second hours will continue on the WWE Network.  As has always been the case with whatever runs on the WWE Network, that second hour will be available immediately for on-demand viewing.

Following September 25, the program will air from 8-10pm on the USA Network and will be available for streaming on the WWE Network by the next day.


Botch Take:  Well, this isn’t odd at all.  What a bizarre setup for the first two weeks.  I’d love to know why it’s happening that way.  Over the coming days, I’m sure we’ll hear why but until then, color me confused.