WOW Returns For Season 2

WOW is back for its second season on AXS.TV. The promotion had a very successful first season run on AXS, paired with New Japan Pro Wrestling, and AXS has capitalized on that and moved the whole programming block to Saturday nights. Since the first season has concluded, WOW has made a splash in the signing of Teal Piper, daughter of WWE Hall Of Famer “Rowdy” Roddy Piper and putting the promotion on the back of its current champion Tessa Blanchard.

At the end of the first season, Tessa is facing 3 serious competitors for the WOW Championship. Phenom The Beast, longtime veteran Jungle Grrrl, and Jessika Havok. To determine the Number 1 contender, a triple threat between Beast, Havok, and Jungle Grrrl is announced and the winner will face Tessa Blanchard on next weeks’ episode.

Women Of Wrestling

Jessie Jones vs Fire

Jessie Jones is here to “Make Wrasslin’ Great Again” and there’s even black trucker hats…not gonna lie, I’d probably buy one. Fire (aka Kiera Hogan) joined WOW last season and has been a solid addition to this roster. Jessie Jones is a solid wrestler, trained by Selina Majors and it shows, its a very deliberate hard hitting style, very reminiscent of a Bobby Eaton or a Fit Finlay. Fire is a product of the new school of womens’ wrestling with old school flavor, as she was trained by WCW/WWF vet Mr. Curtis Hughes…very fast, very impactful. Very good opening match with Jessie picking up the win by submission with a modified Fujiwara armbar.


Sassy Massy (aka Alisha Edwards) vs The Disciplinarian w/Samantha Smart

Sassy Massy…I’m a fan, she is 500 lbs of attitude in a 5ft frame. You can change the name, but you can’t change the game…doesn’t quit, and as she tends to be shorter than a lot of her opponents, more than makes up for it in aggression. The Disciplinarian is one of WOWs’ constants, never the crowd favorite but strings those Ws together. Massy wins her WOW debut with a crucifix/sunset flip roll up.

WOW announces the re-activation of the WOW Tag Team Titles, announcing a tag team series – the first match will be tonight.


The Psycho Sisters (Razor & Fury) vs Reyna Reyes (fka Azteca) & Princess Aussie

I’ve always enjoyed tag team wrestling and in a promotion which only has one singles title, having tag titles gives motivation to the roster wanting to work together and get some gold. Princess Aussie was one of the standouts of WOW Season 1, a bit of an unknown quantity but is a heck of a performer and seems to get what WOW is all about, and is a good match with Reyna Reyes. This will be a 12 week tournament and these are only 2 of those teams that have been revealed. Both Razor and Fury are all go/no quit in the ring – it’s a lot of brawler/striking action. Reyna Reyes is fairly new to wrestling, having just debuted in 2015, but as her career progresses, she could be very good. Fury gets the win on a distraction roll up and The Psycho Sisters advance. I do wonder if the last tag champs in WOW, Caged Heat will make an appearance – they were not present in Season 1.


Triple Threat Match – #1 Contender’s Match – The Beast vs Jungle Grrl vs Jessika Havok

3 of WOWs’ best compete to take on Tessa Blanchard for the WOW Championship next week. Beast is a straight phenom – size, speed, power – she can do it all and then some. Jungle Grrl has been doing this for almost 20 years and knows every inch of the ring and what she’s capable of. Havok is also a veteran, having competed on the independent scene for years prior to debuting at WOW and has faced down talents like Awesome Kong, Su Yung, & Taya Valkyrie. The match ends in a No Contest when Havoks’ tag partner Hazard interferes, and then Jungle Grrl grabs a chair. Tessa (at commentary) says she will pick her own opponent next week.


For the start of a new season, WOW seems to have focused less on their backstage segments and more on what’s happening in the ring. There have been some changes and departures. Reyna Reyes has moved on from the Azteca character, Former WOW Champion Santana Garrett has signed with NXT, and the WOW roster has added Sassy Massy (Alisha Edwards) and Adrenaline (Diamante). This season should be interesting with the re-activation of the WOW Tag Team Titles and Tessa as current champion

WOW airs Saturday nights on AXS.TV and you can find WOW on social media @WOWSuperheroes.