Wrestle Royalty Predicts…Clash of Champions 2019

Here, ye, hear, ye.  The Royals of Wrestle Royalty are at it again – this time pontificating, elaborating on, and predicting what promises to be an amazing WWE Clash of Champions 2019 PPV!  Step right up, spin the wheel and have a gander at our picks for this one.  We want to see your predictions too!  Vote in the polls following each match!


Smackdown Women’s Championship Match
Bayley vs. Charlotte Flair

Queen KB:  I’m so over Bayley that it’s not even funny. The problem is that I really don’t want Charlotte to have yet another Women’s Championship under her belt. The rate she’s going she’s following in her father’s footsteps – in and out of the ring. I get that McMahon thinks Charlotte is the only on who can carry the Women’s Division, even though Becky has proven that to be absolute bunk. Anyway, I’m hoping that this doesn’t end clean and that Ember Moon is the one who causes the DQ. Ember more than deserves to have a storyline and feud and has been working it recently, even though she’s not gotten anywhere.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – DQ/No contest


Baron Botch:  This was pretty inevitable.  They’ve tried to add dimension to Bayley by having her turn and while it’s awfully early, she is thus far showing little more than she ever did.  Up until recently, it’s been a really boring run.  In fact, it’s been the most useless that title has ever had.  Will her run be elongated further so she has a chance to turn it around?  I think Sasha will interfere and ensure it, thus building heel heat for Bayley.

THE WINNAH!!! – Bayley


Duke Dre:  Just a couple weeks ago, this seemed like such a sure thing that Bayley’s title reign was coming to Charlotte, North Carolina(Flair Country) to be put out of its miserly. However, with Bayley’s recent heel turn, the tide of this match has shifted in the opposite direction in Bayley’s favor. WWE appears to be all in with Bayley’s delusional heel who still think she’s a face shtick (and rightfully so) so I fully expect Bayley to steal the victory as dirty as possible.

On a side note, the reaction throughout this match is gonna be through the roof insane. Between this being Charlotte’s hometown and Bayley’s new persona the atmosphere is gonna take this match to another level

WINNER:  Bayley


Sovereign S.A.M:  TThis match has changed a bit since it was announced. Bayley has seemingly turned heel with her best friend Sasha, and I like the direction they are taking her. Bayley doesn’t feel like she is the villain and is the hero still because her actions are right. That is what makes a good villain and I hope they continue to build on that. I was going into this match thinking Charlotte would in this easily but since Bayley’s turn, it has me thinking it is more of a toss up than before. Charlotte is quite possibly the best woman wrestling right now so I expect this match to deliver. I have been racking my brain trying to figure out who will win because I can see both women winning this.

The Winner and STILL Smackdown Women’s Champion: Bayley


Sir Mitch:  I’m afraid the outcome of this is pretty obvious sadly. For whatever reason, Bayley just isn’t having the same impact on the main roster as she had on NXT. I had hoped the heel turn would help solve this, but watching Raw and Smackdown this week my hopes were dashed.

Get ready for a tenth Women’s Title reign for Charlotte. Am I the only one a little over her always being at the forefront of the division?

Winner: Charlotte Flair


Magnate Mat:  Evil Bayley is HERE….well sort of…she’s doing what I like to call the ‘Triple H’ Turn in which nothing really changes but she’s going after people you like now and says she’s doing it for YOU. Both have been having really good matches recently, even though I wish this story ran a bit longer before the title match, but it’s going to be a good match as both wrestlers have been very hot (in the ring lately)



Bayley vs. Charlotte Flair

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Raw Tag Team Championship Match
Seth Rollins & Braun Strowman vs. Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode

Queen KB:  I’m really interested in seeing where this one goes. I’m thrilled that Roode is finally heel, as he should be. I’m not thrilled with him tagging with Ziggler, but it’s better than him being face. Fingers crossed that this is a big step in the right direction for Roode, even if he is saddled with Ziggler for the time being. With everything that’s going on with Strowman and Rollins right now, I’m guessing they will have ‘issues’ during this match, of course leading to them losing the straps to the newest team on the WWE roster!

Queen’s Predicted Winner – Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode


Baron Botch:  The team of Ziggler & Roode is pretty slapdash but it gets them both on TV and gets Robert Roode some actual wins.  They do seem to be making them into a legit tag team so good for them.  Rollins and Strowman are meant to combust at a certain point.  Of course, they’ll be battling each other for the Universal title later.  The story being told on their end of things is interesting.  I think it should continue.

THE WINNAH!!! – Seth Rollins & Braun Strowman


Duke Dre:  Up this point, Braun has kept good on his word to honor his commitment to being Seth’s tag team partner and to not blindside him with an attack but I think that’s going out the window here. Tension between Seth and Braun will be at an all-time high here and that will cost them the match and the tag titles. Braun will be the one to betray Seth allowing Roode and Ziggler to keep up the tag titles

WINNER:  Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode


Sovereign S.A.M:  This is such a random tag team title match because both teams have been thrown together within the last month. Roode and Ziggler were paired together because of reasons and it has been hard to buy them as a team. Rollins and Strowman are together for storyline reasons so at least it makes a bit of sense. There is potential for this match to be good, but I just have no interest in it. I think if an established team was in the spot of Ziggler and Roode, I would be more invested in this match. This match feels predictable because of the Universal Championship match so that takes a bit of the allure from this match as well.

The Winners and NEW Raw Tag Team Champions: RooDolph


Sir Mitch:  If you ever needed proof of the complete and total lack of interest on the part of WWE’s higher-ups in the art form known as Tag Team Wrestling…here it is!

Roode and Ziggler were just thrown together at random as they have nothing else to do, and Braun and Seth were put together in a bizarre and lazy attempt to sell their main event match later in this show (a whole roster of unfertilised talent at his disposal and Vince is booking people to work double duty…why?)

Does it even matter who goes over here?

Winner: Who Cares


Magnate Mat:  This is interesting because the team of Roode and Ziggler is very random, but both are great talents. Also interesting because Seth and Braun will ALSO be having a match for Seths’ Universal Title at some point in the evening on top of this match. Roode has done his best work in a tag team…see his work in Impact with Beer Money and America’s Most Wanted. Seth and Braun are ok as RAW Tag Champs…but just ok. It’ll be a fun match depending on where in the card it is, be it before OR after the Universal Title Match.

WINNER – AND STILL…Seth Rollins & Braun Strowman


Seth Rollins & Braun Strowman vs. Dolph Ziggler & Bobby Roode

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Universal Championship Match
Seth Rollins vs. Braun Strowman

Queen KB:  Is it too soon for Rollins to drop the Universal Championship to another monster of a man? He handled Brock Lesnar pretty well, but few beyond McMahon, Sable, and Lesnar actually give a flying fig about Lesnar in any way, shape, or form. Strowman is one who really got screwed by Brock when he was so unceremoniously defeated and then ignored by Creative for so long. Dumping KO in a porta-castle doesn’t make for a top superstar these days. As much as I love Rollins, I have to wonder if Becky/Seth Two Belts might not be the golden power couple after Clash is over. I love Strowman and I think it would be great for him to be Universal Champion. It’s still a quiet time of the year, well after SummerSlam, prior to Survivor Series, and well before 2020 and the Royal Rumble leading us to WrestleMania. This would be the perfect time for Strowman to win the strap and see how he does with it before going into the fall, FOX, and all the WWE TV changes mixed with AEW’s premier. With all that coming would the WWE strap someone who hasn’t been champion prior to now? I’m not sure it would be McMahon’s first choice, but I do think it would be the direction Heyman would take things, so I’m going with what I hope Heyman would do.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – Braun Strowman


Baron Botch:  Ah, the rub will occur here, I think.  I’m more predicting based on the interesting slant this story could take.  Braun has had so many turns as the best man at the wedding but he never quite gets his bride.  He even got an extended absence from TV.  While I’m not actually sure if this’ll happen, I think Braun taking the title from Seth would create a very interesting story so…

THE WINNAH and NEWWWW!!! – Braun Strowman


Duke Dre:  For a Universal Title Match, I feel like the build here has been very lackluster. Seth and Braun were mere afterthoughts on Monday as they became background fodder as Austin and AJ took center stage in their contract signing. Also doesn’t help that both Seth and Braun came off as fans when standing in the presence of Austin.

Enough, though, about the lackluster build and more about the match that’s set to take place this Sunday. It’s a bit too early for Seth to drop the title when he just conquered the beast just last month but Braun seems like he’s finally regaining traction in the main event scene so having him take the loss here would really derail his momentum. Unfortunately for Braun, I don’t see a scenario where he walks out of this as champion. Seth conquered the beast and he will also conquer the Monster among Men.

In a bit of a side prediction though, The Fiend will set his sights on a battle-worn Seth setting up a Universal Title match at Hell In A Cell.

WINNER:  Seth Rollins


Sovereign S.A.M:  This match will be interesting as heck because it will be the first time Braun is really asked to pull double duty. Seth has done this before so we know he can handle it. Braun on the other hand is such a big man that I wonder if he will have the stamina to pull double duty. I hope he proves me wrong, but I can imagine him being tired during this match. I kind of hope this closes the show because it would be a perfect time for the Fiend to show up and attack whoever comes out on top here. With everything taken into account, it will be interesting to see how this match is booked since both men are pulling double duty.

The Winner and STILL Universal Champion: Seth Rollins


Sir Mitch:  Did I mention the build to this match was bizarre and lazy? Well, just in case I didn’t…the build for this match is bizarre and lazy!

Seth and Bruan were just back to being interesting on TV after SummerSlam, and now they get lumped with this storyline. It’s just sad.

Anyway, I’m picking Seth to go over her just…because!

Winner: Seth Rollins


Magnate Mat:  So this match really rides on where in the card this is, be it before or after the tag match. Seth can certainly hold his end up, as he’s gone over an hour in a gauntlet match before but can Braun handle two high impact matches in one night. This will be Brauns’ second opportunity at the Universal Title, having faced Brock Lesnar once before (and honestly should have probably won it that time)

WINNER – AND NEW…Braun Strowman


Seth Rollins vs. Braun Strowman

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WWE Championship Match
Kofi Kingston vs. Randy Orton

Queen KB:  I know a lot of people are expecting Orton to defeat Kofi here as we’ve all heard that the powers that be want Orton to be the WWE Champion heading into their move to FOX. The thing is that I still feel it’s too early for that. While looking at things from an old school direction, Kofi going over Orton the way he did on SDLive this week would say that Kofi would lose at Clash because he did so well putting Orton through a table at MSG, coming full circle from Orton stating eleven years ago, (specifically due to that move) that Kofi wasn’t championship material. I disagree. I think that this feud has been working so well for some (I still loathe Orton and am totally against him being at the top or holding a championship of any sort) that they should extend things to the next PPV so they can fight it out in HIAC.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – Kofi Kingston


Baron Botch:  When they first began telling this story, it was pretty hot.  They had real life to play off of, Kofi was telling the story well, and Randy was totally into it.  He was more fun than he’d been in years and it took this story for him to really sink his teeth in.  I posted in the last of these prediction articles that I hoped they’d continue telling this story.  I got what I wished for.  Randy has attacked all of the New Day members and none have been spared his wrath.  This has been quite good and I’m definitely into this.  The go-home for this story was really good with Kofi finally getting the upper hand.  Who wins?  While it’s true that Kofi’s run has cooled off slightly. Does Orton take it this time?  It may be time for a change in this regard so…

THE WINNAH and NEWWWW!!! – Randy Orton


Duke Dre:  Unlike the Universal Title problem, the build up to Kofi/Orton has been built to near perfection. WWE creative continues to go to past heat between Kofi and Orton to carry this feud and it’s worked. Randy still comes off as the self entitled douche with a sinister side as he along with his henchmen (Dawson & Wilder) target Kofi’s team members one by one. Meanwhile, Kofi continues to be the likable fun loving underdog who’s been provoked one too many times by the bully.

Seeing how last month’s match between the two ended in a double countout and with HIAC. Just a month away this one is hard to call as it’s hard to imagine that this feud would end here. If I’m a betting man, I’m betting on Kofi to pick up the win here with Orton finding yet another way to provoke Kofi into another match next month.

WINNER:  Kofi Kingston


Sovereign S.A.M:  Of all the matches on this card, this is the match with the absolute best build to it. They have continued to tell a great story with Kofi and Orton and have used all of their history. This really is the feud of Kofi’s career so far in my eyes and the one that is truly legitimizing him as world champion. Orton is someone who, when he likes the story, can bring it and he has done that. This is probably the best Orton we have seen in years and that is refreshing. The first match between these two was a bit of a letdown so I hope this one can improve on it. I feel like we may end up with some sort of screwy finish again so they can justify a match inside the Hell in a Cell next month. Either way, I hope his match delivers because the ingredients are there for a good match.

The Winner and STILL WWE Champion: Kofi Kingston


Sir Mitch:  Finally, something on this card at least halfway interesting. I have enjoyed the way this feud has played out with WWE using real-life circumstances from a decade ago. I also love that they went “meta” with this storyline having Kofi put Orton through a table again in the crowd of Madison Square Garden.

I have a feeling Big E and Woods will get involved in some way in this match, but their role will depend on how they fare in their Tag Title match (more on that later)

I’m Picking Orton to go over here, and you will understand why once you read my prediction of the SD Tag Title match.

Winner: Randy Orton


Magnate Mat:  Kofi has held the WWE title with distinction AND honor since winning it at WrestleMania this year. He’s probably been one of the better champions this era, along with AJ Styles….but I think if someone is going to beat him for that title, it’s gonna be Randy Orton.  Orton is a multi-time champion, but has not held a major singles title in a few years, so maybe the WWE wants to give him another shot, and why not him because no matter WHO beats Kofi for that title, they are going to be hated.

WINNER – AND NEW…Randy Orton


Kofi Kingston vs. Randy Orton

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WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match
Drew Gulak vs. Humberto Carrillo vs. Lince Dorado

Queen KB:  I really hope they don’t push this to the Kick Off show, but we all know they will. I love Gulak and have since he first came into the WWE. He’s such a character and really knows how to tell a story through his charisma and ring work. His mic work isn’t bad either. Carrillo has been killing it on 205 Live, totally stealing the show and because of that, people think he might be able to get the strap off Gulak. Personally I’m a huge Dorado fan. I’d love to see Dorado win this one. It’s would be a great way to push 205 Live. Think about it, Lucha House Party is on Raw in tag team matches quite frequently, so why not have the Cruiserweight Champion as part of the faction? Makes sense to me and will totally change up the vibe of 205 Live with LHP running the show.

Queen’s Predicted Winner & New Cruiserweight Champion – Lince Dorado


Baron Botch:  If they give this time, this could come close to owning the night.  This should leave us all sufficiently breathless and it’ll be really interesting to see where they place it.  Will it live on the kick-off like most cruiserweight matches do or will it occupy some other place on the card?  Gulak has had a fun run with the championship (though few have seen it) but Carrillo in particular is on the cusp of “next big thing”.  The stuff with Lince slowly becoming egotistical has been fun too.  The Lucha House Party has run its course and I think it’s time to end it.  I also think this is the time to pull the trigger on Carrillo.

THE WINNAH and NEWWWW!!! – Humberto Carrillo


Duke Dre:  I’ve always enjoyed the work of Drew Gulak and think he’s absolutely the perfect choice to be Cruiserweight champ but a huge part of me would love to see Carrillo pick up the win here.  Still, my brain is telling me that it’s still too early for Gulak to lose the strap. Gulak gets the win here by pinning Dorado, so hopefully we get a Gulak/Carrillo one-on-one match not too long afterwards.

WINNER:  Drew Gulak


Sovereign S.A.M:  Cruiserweight matches are usually on the kickoff but that never stops them from delivering quality matches. The matches usually start out hot from the start and I expect that here. Gulak has taken the mantle that was left when Buddy Murphy went to Smackdown and he is clearly the top guy on 205 Live. Lince was a late addition to the match and I wonder why that is. Though when I think about it, he may have been added so neither Gulak or Carrillo will take the pin or submission loss. WWE clearly have big plans for Carrillo, and he is darn good in the ring. This will be most likely be a fast-paced match and one that will get the crowd excited for the rest of the card.

The Winner and STILL Cruiserweight Champion: Drew Gulak


Sir Mitch:  I haven’t seen an episode of “205 Live” since Buddy Murphy left so I’m afraid this prediction will be a guess.

I’m going with…Lince Dorado.

Winner: Lince Dorado


Magnate Mat:  Drew Gulak has been a GREAT champion, great….the man wrestles like he’s fighting for his life and has done nothing but tap challengers out, one after the next. Humberto is a rising star in WWE and looks to be in line to be the next big Latino star, and Lince is very good too, having had some very good singles matches on 205 in recent months. Might be the Dark Horse Match Of The Night.



Drew Gulak vs. Humberto Carrillo vs. Lince Dorado

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Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match
New Day (Xavier Woods & Big E.) vs. The Revival (Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder)

Queen KB:  I’m all for old school throwback wrestlers, they can add a lot to the modern wrestling scene, but only if they have the charisma to back it up. The thing is I feel that The Revival could possibly be the most boring team since, well, I cannot think of another team that bores me as much as The Revival. Now, everyone reading this knows I appreciate great ring work, but that I need the charisma, the facial expressions, the full body emoting from the tippy-tippies, and that’s exactly where The Revival misses it for me. I really want to like them, or at least appreciate them, but I just haven’t been able to. All that being said, I’m going with the team that, at least, entertains me. Doesn’t hurt that Big E’s weight loss has made him look finer than ever!

Queen’s Predicted Winner – New Day


Baron Botch:  Speaking of cold runs, this latest run of the New Day has been pretty cold.  The Revival have become Randy Orton’s henchmen.  I have always loved the New Day but they are completely out of ideas.  The Revival has the lukewarm hand here so I’ll go with them, though I don’t really care.  I promise this is Botch doing this prediction and not Mitch…

THE WINNAH and NEWWWW!!! – The Revival


Duke Dre:  This is literally the love child of the Kofi/Orton feud. Dawson & Wilder have played the role of flying monkeys to Orton’s Wicked Witch of West but it’s been a solid pairing so far and it keeps them involved in something meaningful. I also believe this is the perfect time for Big E and Xavier to drop the tag titles. My pick here is the Revival.



Sovereign S.A.M:  I forgot that this match was on the card because it has taken a backseat to the Orton/Kofi storyline. The Revival and New Day are two of the top tag teams in the world so this match will deliver no matter how much time is given. I wish I could talk more about this match but the build to it has been darn near non-existent. This is really a match that I am looking forward to solely based on the reputation of both teams.

The Winners and STILL Smackdown Tag Team Champions: The New Day


Sir Mitch:  Considering how uninteresting large parts of this card is and how WWE is facing possible competition for the first time in 20 years with AEW, they need to book a big shocking angle for this show to get people buzzing about them. What would be shocking than Big E and Xavier losing the Tag Titles, getting upset and costing Kofi the WWE Title later on the show?

As much as some people really don’t want The New Day to break up, I honestly believe it’s time.

Winner: The Revival


Magnate Mat:  This has been a surprisingly short but surprisingly physical and straight out mean rivalry. The Revival seemed to have returned to form from their NXT days. Physical matches, cutting the ring off, and incapacitating their opponents. Big E and Woods have been on the receiving end of Dawson and Dash’s beatdowns. This can go either way and I think this is the time for the WWE to pull the trigger on The Revival.

WINNER – AND NEW…The Revival


The New Day vs. The Revival

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WWE Intercontinental Championship Match
Shinsuke Nakamura vs. The Miz

Queen KB:  Miz is a fantastic IC Champion and I’m thrilled to see him back in the running for the strap, but I have a gut feeling that Sami is going to being that much crankier after being taken out by Taker that he’s going to be right there ringside for this match. With Sami there, Miz doesn’t have a chance in the world. If Miz had his trusty valet with him, he might have a chance, but she’s very pregnant and due this month! That leaves Nakamura beating Miz and retaining the IC Championship, for now.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – Shinsuke Nakamura


Baron Botch:  This is another one I don’t really care about.  The Miz just hasn’t been interesting in this feud and Shinsuke hasn’t either.  It’s really that simple.  His run as champ has been completely unremarkable.  I like that they seem now to be having Shinsuke speak in his native Japanese rather than try to muddle his way through English.  He sounded great during “Smackdown Live!” this week doing and I hope we get more of it.  The Miz is lost at this point, his character is nowhere, and I’m not invested in any way in this feud.  Who wins?  I don’t think there’s any reason to take the title off of Shinsuke so…

THE WINNAH!!! – Shinsuke Nakamura


Duke Dre:  So far, it’s hard to tell if Sami Zayn is going to work out as Nakamura’s manager long term or not. I have enjoyed some of the back and forth between him and the Miz and to a degree, Nakamura has been able to come off as some kind of silent assassin. Unfortunately for The Miz, he’s been stuck in limbo ever since his feud with Shane O Mac concluded and I don’t see him getting out of that rut anytime soon. Nakamura picks up the win as the added advantage of Sami by his side will be too much for The A-lister

WINNER:  Shinsuke Nakamura


Sovereign S.A.M:  Out of all the matches on the card, this is the one I care the least about. Nakamura hasn’t done much since becoming Intercontinental Champion, so they added Sami Zayn as his mouthpiece to help him out. The Miz started out his face run with some good momentum, but his constant losing has me wishing they would turn him heel again. This match could possibly surprise me, but I am not holding my breath. This match has kickoff show written all over it and I will be surprised if it doesn’t end up on there.

The Winner and STILL Intercontinental Champion; Shinsuke Nakamura


Sir Mitch:  How far has the IC Title fallen? It saddens me how WWE has devalued its titles in so many ways.

How far as Nakamura fallen on the main roster? It is a prime example of how foreign talents have to work twice has hard to convince Vince that they are a draw (even after Naka proved that and then some in NXT)

I hope Miz goes over in this one so Naka can go back to NXT (and bring Asuka and Kairi Sane with him) so he can be booked properly by Triple H and NOT Vince!

Winner: The Miz


Magnate Mat:  The IC title deserves respect, especially on this, the year of its 40th anniversary. Shinsuke hasn’t done a lot since winning the title but lately has ramped up bringing prestige back to the title, and partnering with Sami Zayn, who needed something to do seems to work for them both. The Miz is easily the best Intercontinental Champion of this era, from winning the title and having a near record-setting reign, to making it the main title on RAW while Brock Lesnar was using the Universal Title as a coaster or something. This might be a rivalry born we see, or maybe just a really good match…either way, I think the fans win here



Shinsuke Nakamura vs. The Miz

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Smackdown Women’s Championship Match
Becky Lynch vs. Sasha Banks

Queen KB:  This match has me confused. I don’t know if the WWE would strap her this quickly after her return from being a total spoiled brat. If they did that, the two women who lost the Women’s Tag Team Championship at WrestleMania would be the Women’s Champions. It’s kind of trippy to think about, but I hope they wouldn’t do it this fast. Personally I’d love to see both Becky and Rollins defend their championships at HIAC in HIAC matches, but, as I said earlier, I’d love to see Kofi and Orton face off in a HIAC match and I don’t see the WWE giving us three HIAC matches in one PPV. That being said, it’s been too long since that first women’s HIAC match. Sasha proved herself in that match in a beautiful way (other than not having enough weight behind her to actually go through a table), and should do it again. It’s one thing to have one women’s HIAC match, but that’s novelty. Having semi-regular women’s HIAC matches takes it to the WWE really believing in the women on the roster. I normally don’t call for more than one DQ/No Contest match per PPV, but I don’t want to see either of these women lose cleanly at this point in their feud.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – DQ/No Contest


Baron Botch:  This should be fun.  Sasha took some time off and came back as the egotistical heel she was in NXT.  Her re-entrance on the WWE scene was pulled off perfectly and she has destroyed Becky whenever possible.  Becky now has an interesting fight on her hands.  As for who wins, Sasha has absolutely won  the big one before but never once successfully defended it.  Becky is very much still The Man and I’m not sure it’s time to take the title off of her yet so…

THE WINNAH!!! – Becky Lynch


Duke Dre:  Just like with Charlotte/Bayley, I expect fireworks in this one too. Becky still has the fans in the palms of her hands and Sasha is the chick that fans love to hate and she seems to be thriving off of it. My gut is telling me that Becky’s time as champion is starting to wind down and because of that gut feeling I think Sasha wins the strap. Now would be the perfect time for both Sasha and Bayley to stand tall and walk out of Charlotte with titles together which would really bringing their journey together full circle from those epic battles they had against each other down in NXT which really made fans realize how much women’s wrestling really had to offer in terms of work rate.

WINNER:  Sasha Banks


Sovereign S.A.M:  If WWE lets Sasha and Becky have anywhere near the matches they had in NXT, this will be the match of the night. Sasha Banks finally returned, and this is exactly what the women’s division on Raw needed. This feud has built up nicely over the last few weeks and I feel like this is only the opening chapter in it. The Boss versus the Man is something I have been waiting for and I really hope they deliver here. We all know these two can deliver so this match has all the potential in the world to be a doozy.

The Winner and NEW Raw Women’s Champion: Sasha Banks


Sir Mitch:  I don’t care what anyone says…I dig heel Sasha. I think she should NEVER be booked as a babyface EVER again. The “Man” Becky Lynch is still the hottest thing in WWE right now, and I still can’t see her dropping the strap. I do foresee this feud lasting a few months and that we will be treated to a lot of great matches resulting from it.

Winner: Becky Lynch


Magnate Mat:  The Man has continued to blaze a path in the women’s division, and a returning Sasha Banks (w/blue hair) is committed to dousing the fire. Both are on great rolls and have been having solid outings, in spite of a recent time wasting-feud with Lacey Evans, Lynch is THE MAN and will have to put down THE BOSS to continue her reign.



Becky Lynch vs. Sasha Banks

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Roman Reigns vs. Erick Rowan

Queen KB:  I truly hope that they don’t throw Rowan to the wolves, or Reigns, in this match. Rowan has been getting the upper hand through much of this storyline and I worry that all that lead up will land us in Super Reigns easily going over Rowan as we’ve seen way too often. That being said, even though Rowan put Bryan through an announce table, I wonder if Bryan might actually still be with Rowan, or someone is going to come out of the woodwork to side with Rowan. If someone is going to be Rowan’s partner, Bryan or otherwise, they need to come out of the woodwork during this match when Reigns goes all Super Reigns on us. While I’d prefer Rowan win this clean, but I’m not against him winning in any way necessary.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – Erick Rowan


Baron Botch:  This is a match we weren’t sure we’d get thanks to the rumors that were spreading like wildfire.  We were sure it’d be Roman vs. Daniel Bryan.  That would have been fun, no doubt, and it may even still happen but I’m glad we were wrong.  It’s nice to see WWE elevate someone new who can actually get it done.  Eric has been given a hefty task and he’s proven he’s up for the challenge.  He was given the task of establishing this feud and he’s done it.  He’s also gotten me into this match.  Both Rowan and Reigns are two big guys so this should be interesting.  Who wins?  This has all been so storyline-based so it’s hard to know.  Roman hardly needs the win but I’m not sure that they’ll pull the trigger on Rowan.  Oh, what the heck…

THE WINNAH!!! – Erick Rowan


Duke Dre:  The “Who’s Trying To Kill Roman Reigns” storyline has been an interesting one to say the least. Sometimes the execution of it hasn’t always been the greatest but one thing no one can argue is the positive effect it’s had on underutilized wrestlers such as Buddy Murphy and now Erick Rowan. For the first time in Rowan’s career, he’s been given the opportunity to finally step out of the shadow of others to show the world what he has to offer as a solo performer.  Judging off the past couple weeks in the wake of revealing that he was the lone man responsible for Roman’s assaults, he’s gotten off to a good start.

I’m very intrigued to see how Rowan performs under the bright lights in what should be a hard-hitting physical bout given the no DQ stipulation. I somehow think Daniel Bryan will offer an assist to Rowan which will lead to the biggest win of Rowan’s career over the Big Dawg. One thing is for sure; this saga is far from over, I still think another twist in this angle is on the horizon.

WINNER:  Erick Rowan


Sovereign S.A.M:  The story of who attacked Roman has been going on for some time now and we finally arrived at the reveal. It ended up being Erick Rowan and he said he acted on his own. It was interesting that during the go-home for Smackdown, Daniel Bryan was nowhere to be seen. I am glad that this got the No DQ stipulation because I think the story calls for this type of match. This shouldn’t be a technical match but more of a hoss fight. This match is really hard to pick because Rowan needs the win more than Roman because a loss would slow down all the momentum for him. Meanwhile, we all know about how Roman does tend to win many of his rivalries. I am back and forth about my prediction here so I will go with what makes the most sense going forward.

The Winner: Erick Rowan.


Sir Mitch:  This storyline is a prime example of just how dreadful WWE writing is. While there have been some significant improvements since Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff took on their new creative roles, stuff like this proves the company still has the same problem. Namely, everything has to go through Vince and the stuff he likes honestly sucks.

I mean, the Eric Rowan look-alike reveal had me rolling my eyes so far you’d think I was the illegitimate son of the Undertaker as opposed to being the ginger Kevin Owens.

As far as picking a winner goes…we all know Roman is going over as this storyline was clearly 100% Vince.

Winner: Roman Reigns


Magnate Mat:  So all these attacks on Roman, implied to be Daniel Bryan but not Daniel Bryan….then there was a doppleganger of Rowan, then it turns out the culprit was ACTUALLY Erick Rowan….it was him the whole time!!!!  duh duh duhhhhhhhh. I don’t get it but looks like Roman and Rowan are gonna beat the tar out of each other….so there’s that.

WINNER – Because Who Else…Roman Reigns


Roman Reigns vs. Erick Rowan

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WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Match
Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross vs. Fire & Desire (Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville)

Queen KB:  Backstage at WR can be a really rough neighborhood to hang out in some days, especially when one of the writers comments on how much he will gloat if Fire & Desire (dumbest possible name!) beats Bliss and Cross for the straps. Mat, you’re going DOWN if they win! I have no issues with Sonya. She not only has a killer body, can talk and emote better than Mandy by a long shot, has done really well transitioning from MMA, but she’s stunningly beautiful. All of Mandy’s yelling that Cross will never look like her, I don’t know anyone (talking to people online) who would prefer Mandy over Cross. Being one of the few women in this end of the wrestling industry has really opened my eyes to what men look for in women and I’m more impressed than ever. That most prefer Naomi, Becky, Cross, and Ember over plastic Mandy makes me feel better about men as a whole. Honestly, I have little issue with Sonya winning the strap and every issue with Mandy winning it because of McMahon’s preference of blondes with big boobs. Because of that I cannot go with the Perfection & Plastic on this one.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross


Baron Botch:  It has been nice to finally see regular defense of the tag titles.  They absolutely languished on the waists of the IIconics – never being defended until they lost them.  The tag titles themselves, as a result, meant nothing.  That’s kinda where they are now and they need to to be officially established.  That’s not to say that Alexa & Nikki have skated by with them; they’ve legitimately defended them.  I just need to care about them and at this point, I do.  Could a title change make me care?  Maybe.  It might also move the Alexa/Nikki storyline a bit more since it’s been basically stagnant since they won the belts.

THE WINNAH and NEWWWW!!! – Fire & Desire


Duke Dre:  I’m actually a bit shocked that Alexa and Cross have made it this far as a pairing. It seems as if their onscreen friendship has shifted from what we saw thought would be Alexa using Nikki for her own personal gain into an actual on-screen sincere friendship which is actually a nice swerve. Mandy Rose seems to have replaced Alexa Bliss as the stereotypical pretty blonde popular mean girl with Sonya as her obnoxious sidekick. Unfortunately, Mandy’s mic skills are nowhere near that of Alexa’s as we all saw this past Tuesday.

The match itself probably won’t be all that great but I don’t think this feud will end here. Alexa and Nikki will retain and as that’s happening I’m sitting here left wondering what the hell happened to the Kabuki Warriors

WINNER:  Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross


Sovereign S.A.M:  I honestly have no idea what to expect from this match. I have enjoyed the team of Bliss and Cross and think they have grown over time with one another. Mandy and Sonya have been a team for some time, and this is their first real shot at the tag titles. I hope this match surprises us because this has “bathroom break” written all over it and I do not like saying that. This is also a weird match up because Sonya and Mandy are clearly heels, but Bliss and Cross have been mostly heels since teaming up. I guess they will be the faces in this scenario, and I don’t mind that. Alexa and Nikki feel like a team that could work as faces but WWE hasn’t pulled the trigger on it.

The Winners and STILL Women’s Tag Team Champions: Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross


Sir Mitch:  I am SO happy these belts are off the IIconics and being pushed on TV and the WWE Network. I still have mixed feelings on Nikki Cross being conned down from her super entertaining mad banshee gimmick from NXT but at least, she is getting to show everyone what she can do as she is doing most of the heavy lifting on her team since Alexa needs to be protected for now due to her concussion history.

Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville are growing on me (and most other fans), and I can see them holding the tag straps one day but I don’t think it’s happening on this show.

Winners: Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross


Magnate Mat:  Since winning the titles, this reign and the team of Bliss and Cross has been entertaining and really working storyline wise. The very different personalities seem to mesh will with Alexa and Nikki and it’s made for fun TV. Sonya and Mandy are really hitting their stride as antagonists and while Sonya is much better in the ring, the team works because of the natural chemistry the two have. This will be fun no matter what happens but I think its time for the titles to move to the WWEs new resident villains.

WINNER – AND NEW…Fire and Desire


Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross vs. Fire & Desire

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WWE United States Championship Match
AJ Styles vs. Cedric Alexander

Queen KB:  I’m quite excited for this match! These two are going to put on a clinic, and most of us will be on the edge of our seats drooling. This could be the best technical match on the card, and (hopefully) has a clean ending. As much as The OC has started becoming a thing in the WWE, I have to wonder what the overall plans for the faction really are. They are looking good now, but I really need more from them if they’re going to be a top faction, which they have the strength to be if booked well. Being on Raw, I have hopes that Heyman will do right by them, but I also want to see Alexander reach new heights on Raw. The man has more wrestling talent in his little finger than so many others on the roster, and with his personality coming through the way it is, he might be unstoppable. Well, unstoppable could be a leap with The OC as I doubt they will let AJ lose the US Championship so quickly. So while I’m expecting this to be one of the best matches on the card, I don’t see Alexander winning the US Championship just yet, though I’m sure this showing will help his upward momentum.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – AJ Styles


Baron Botch:  What a nice surprise this is!  Cedric, who’d previously been one of the incredibly low-card guys chasing Truth around for the 24/7 championship has finally gotten someone’s attention.  That someone is said to be Paul Heyman and Heyman is going to give him a slow push to the top if the rumors are true.  If it is, I can’t wait.  Cedric is an incredible wrestlers who has recently show more on the mic than he ever had in 205 Live.  I’m excited for the possibilities.  This match should be MOTN if they’re really allowed the time to work.  This is quite easily the match I’m most looking forward to.  I don’t think Cedric takes this but he’ll make one heck of a run at it and give AJ all he can handle.  I also think the OC will get involved in some way to make sure AJ holds on to his title, thus keeping Cedric looking strong.  This is quite easily the match I’m most looking forward to.

THE WINNAH!!! – AJ Styles


Duke Dre:  I’m really excited about this one. Heyman seems to be really high on Cedric and wants to really push him up the ranks. So I’m gonna go out on a limb here and pick Cedric to pull off the upset over The Phenomenal One. This should be match of the night of giving enough time

WINNER:  Cedric Alexander


Sovereign S.A.M:  I am so glad that Cedric Alexander is getting this chance to show what he can do. Cedric has stepped it up since being put in this position and that is a great sign. AJ Styles has found another gear since turning heel and rejoining Gallows and Anderson in the OC. I really hope they get plenty of time in this match because this could be a show stealer if given the proper amount of time. We also have to remember that this match was added during go-home week so it really can go either way when it comes to deciding the winner. I think this could be a pick ‘em type of match but I think the OC will play a factor in the outcome.

The Winner and STILL US Champion: AJ Styles


Sir Mitch:  It’s so cool to see Cedric Alexander getting a rub here. I mean, he’s not going over…but it will still be cool to see him rub shoulders with one of WWE’s biggest stars.

Winner: AJ Styles  


Magnate Mat:  AJ Styles is the best performer of this generation and its not even a debate. Cedric Alexander has been a standout ever since he came into the WWE during the Cruiserweight Classic. Recently, Cedric has gotten a chance on RAW to prove himself to the WWE audience at large and can definitely hang with AJ move for move…..MOTN candidate. Cedric will be the US champ, just not right now.



AJ Styles vs. Cedric Alexander

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