Big Cass Starts Locker Room Fight With AEW Star At Indie Event, Sent To The Hospital

Less than 24 hours after claiming he had been in touch with WWE about a potential return, Big Cass has gone and made an arse out of himself at the WrestlePro Pat Buck farewell show in New Jersey.

Here is everything that we know:

Cass was booked to be a surprise during the show’s battle royal but was reportedly acting “aggressive and erratic” backstage.

Cass reportedly confronted Joey Janela over Janela’s run-in with Enzo Amore at a Blink-182 concert a few months ago and slapped Janela in the face which naturally resulted in Janella trying to retaliate. Both men were held back by fellow Wrestlers, and it is said Cass threatened to shoot Janella.

After both men were separated, WrestlePro’s Kevin Matthews tried to talk down Cass backstage, but Cass was said to remain threatening towards Janela. Wrestler Dan Maff, who is known for his professionalism and legitimate tough guy reputation backstage, then told WrestlePro officials that if they weren’t able to calm Cass down, he would get involved in the situation. WrestlePro ultimately moved Maff and Janela to a private room to prepare for their match against each other.

Following all of this, Cass then accused several people in the locker room of stealing some of his personal items and began threatening that he would “take care” of everyone in the locker room.

Cass ended up in another backstage area where So-Cal Uncensored (Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian, Scorpio Sky) and Pat Buck (who has recently signed with WWE as a producer) were working on putting together their match. Cass continued to accuse everyone of stealing his personal items and being threatening, going as far as to ask Buck, “What are you going to do, tough guy?” before spitting in his face. This apparently led Buck to punch Cass in the face and to knock him the floor, where Buck grabbed him and controlled him until other wrestlers removed Cass from the room. After getting thrown out, Cass reportedly was asking why he was hit and what was going on after being punched.

WrestlePro then finally asked several police officers who were at the show to escort Cass out of the building.

The consensus in the locker room was that Cass was extremely unprofessional, particularly since he had been trying to redeem his incredibly poor reputation in the business and had been given an opportunity by WrestlePro. Many wrestlers backstage were livid and if had WrestlePro not involved the police…they would have ‘sorted out” Cass themselves.

There was also a lot of sympathy for Pat Buck, who was put in a tough position to have to defend himself on a night that was important to him personally.

After all of this, Cass apparently remained outside the venue after being kicked out continuing to cause a ruckus, and allegedly had his car searched by police. Some fans witnessed Cass sitting on the sidewalk, loudly talking to himself and one fan even took a photo of this.

This led to authorities calling an ambulance to take Cass to the hospital. We will report on his condition once we have that information.

Cass has claimed in recent months that his poor behaviour backstage in WWE, which lead to his release from the company in 2018 was a result of alcohol abuse and depression. During his final months in WWE, reports ran riff of Cass bullying and threatening Sami Zayn for his Syrian ancestry and religious beliefs, harassing Carmella after she ended their relationship and going “off-script” during an in-ring skit on Smackdown attacking a little person portraying Daniel Bryan.

After suffering an aneurysm at a House Of Hardcore show, Cass got into DDP Yoga to get clean, get back in shape and get his life back on track. However, it would seem Cass is still dealing with some serious personal issues.

Sir Mitch Says: This may seem heartless but unlike the rest of WR staff…I never fully bought Cass’s story of suffering from depression. I honestly suspected he was using the current social climate of increasing mental health awareness and understanding to absolve himself of his poor behaviour and alcohol abuse and not take full responsibility for his choices.

One thing is for sure though, Cass looks to have blown his second chance in the Pro Wrestling business in spectacular fashion.