Commercials For AEW Ran During Smackdown On USA (UPDATED)

Who wouldn’t want to be a fly on the wall when Vince McMahon first hears of this huh?

All Elite Wrestling actually ran commercials for their upcoming (and still as yet unnamed) weekly TV show on TNT during this weeks episode of Smackdown Live on the USA network:



If you’re wondering how this could possibly happen on Vince McMahon’s watch, the ads only aired on the USA Network for Direct TV customers. Basically, instead of going through USA Network to buy an ad slot, AEW went to the cable/satellite provider (which is owned by the same parent company as TNT in AT&T) to buy the ad time.

Technically speaking, they can do try this with other cable/satellite providers as well as each provider dedicates ad space for them to sell themselves set aside from ad space sold by the networks. So it will be interesting to see if AEW tries this tactic again on other providers. Although the provider Comcast is out of the question as that is owned by the USA networks parent company NBC/Universal.

UPDATE:  The aforementioned Comcast also featured an AEW ad during NXT’s debut on Wednesday evening.


Sir Mitch Says: You have to admire AEW’s gall here!

Botch Take:  This has been done before so it’s hardly novel.  As Mitch said, this is about going through a cable provider to run an ad.  The cable provider is going to run the ad where they know it’ll gain traction – hence running it during NXT.  This isn’t anything new.