Lisa Marie Varon Confirms Final Match

This past Saturday Lisa Marie Varon, otherwise known as either Victoria or Tara, wrestled Melina in the main event of Masters Of The Ring Entertainment‘s live event in Kenansville, North Carolina.

QD – My heart is broken that Varon has retired from the ring! She’s been a favorite since she debuted in the WWE as one of Godfather’s hos. She also ended up in the shower with Eddie which was the final moment that ended his ‘relationship’ with Chyna. She took what could have been a career as another hot female body walking around it the WWE, but she didn’t, she wrestled. Not only did Varon wrestle, but she was a huge part of why the women have reached the levels they have now. She doesn’t get the recognition that Trish and Lita did, but she was right there with them, shoulder to shoulder, showing everyone that a woman can be fit, hot, beautiful, and kick butt in the ring. She’s been a favorite of mine since day one and I’m really bummed that I’ll never again get to see her wrestle live.