Final Destination Of 205 Live Announced

Finally there are answers on the future of 205 Live.  There have been so many questions and rumors floating around about the show possibly being canceled or moved to Full Sail University, but neither of those things are happening.  205 Live is officially moving to Friday night after Smackdown, still on the WWE Network.  That being said, even though the show will continue to be taped in the large arenas along with Smackdown, there will be an occasional crossover to NXT.  Further, 205 Live will be under the NXT umbrella in that the NXT creative team will be handling the storylines and direction of the show.

The first Friday night 205 Live after Smackdown will be October 4.


QD – I have to admit that I don’t know as this is the best move for 205 Live.  The viewership just isn’t there for the Cruiserweight Division on the WWE Network and I think part of that stems from how the larger arenas are full of casual fans who just don’t feel the cruiserweights, don’t understand what they are about or why to care about them.  I feel that the match between Oney Lorcan and Lio Rush on NXT last week was one of the highlights in one of the best nights of wrestling we’ve seen in a long time, which means it was a stellar match.  Because of Botch’s love of Rush did I let him review that match in my recap article, but I’m hoping there are more cruiserweight matches on NXT for me to write about, especially with my semi-local and extremely beloved Lorcan.  It just feels to me that the cruiserweights deserve more than being hidden away on the WWE Network from fans who would fall in love with them if they could just see them on actual TV.