We will be LIVE IN THE ARENA at AEW Dynamite this Wednesday Night!

After much hype and expectation, AEW’s “Dynamite” will finally debut this week from the Capital One Arena in Washington, DC.

…and I will be there!  I’ve had tickets since they went on sale and the time has finally come to let the cat out of the bag!

We (a friend and I) will be on the ground taking plenty of pictures and doing interviews with as many people as we possibly can.  I’ll be there when the doors open so we’ll see what’s possible.  I’ll also be vlogging too while I’m there and if possible, streaming to Facebook (internet connection dependent, of course).  If streaming isn’t possible, I’ll record it all and post it here as soon as I can possibly do it.

I’ll do what I can to give you as much of my experience as I possibly can.  Stay tuned right here and don’t forget to join the DD for both shows!  I’ll post in there too if possible.