Dark Matches from AEW “Dynamite” Are Here!

In case you missed our social media posts, I was in attendance at AEW’s “Dynamite” premier in Washington, D.C. and I recorded all three of the dark matches that occurred after the show ended.  My seat was good and I used my brand new iPhone so the videos look really good.  Enjoy!


Botch Take:  I will be talking about this show for a very long time.  I’m not likely to ever forget it.  Even if you just watched from home, know that you saw history unfold just as we did in the venue.  I had an absolute blast and I still have many photos to share which you will see later today for sure.  It was truly a magical night and it reminded me quite pointedly just why I love wrestling so much.  We are in for an incredible ride and it all started on this night.