Wyatt Sells Many HIAC Tickets Through Local Media Blitz

Ticket sales for the HIAC PPV were abysmal until Bray Wyatt’s media blitz in Sacramento, CA.  WWE had him doing a serious amount of advertising, interviews, and even the weather, as his Firefly Fun House character.  All this media work has brought about quite a bit of ticket sales, filling the arena much more than they thought possible.

There are tickets still available for as low as $43.


QD – I need to find Bray Wyatt doing the weather as it sounds like one of the funniest things possible.  I hope I can find it on YouTube or somewhere because it sounds hysterical.  One thing we were talking about backstage this week is how the WWE really doesn’t have anyone who can captivate the fans the way The Rock, SCSA, and Taker did.  I brought up Big E, which was the only name brought up, but there’s Bray who could absolutely be the next big thing to captivate the fans on mic, because he’s doing it right now.  He’s the hottest male commodity in the WWE right now and if they don’t run with it, they will prove just how stupid they truly are.