Raw (10/7/19)

Your Daily Dre:

The original name for Prozac was going to be Sadvil.


Raw Results:

Raw starts with Randy Orton and King Corbin beating down Rusev in the ring. Rusev fends them off and Bobby Lashley appears on the tron. Lashley says he is in Rusev’s house and gets into his bed with Lana. Lana says that everything is in her name now and they get close as the camera goes black. Orton and Corbin are laughing at Rusev and he proceeds to beat both men down.

Natalya def. Lacey Evans in a Last Woman Standing match

Aleister Black cuts a promo backstage in his room about someone picking a fight with him.

Street Profits are backstage and talk about the upcoming draft. They start talking some of the superstars who will be a part of the draft. They then talk about the confrontation between Braun Strowman and Tyson Fury.

Tyson Fury is interviewed backstage and talks about Braun Strowman. He says that he expects an apology or else Braun will get these hands.

The Viking Raiders def. Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode

Aleister Black appears again and says that he will head down to the ring to see who will fight him.

Aleister Black def. The Singh Bros

Braun Strowman is interviewed backstage about Tyson Fury. He says that Fury better ask for the apology nicely or else he will get these hands.

Rey Mysterio is interviewed backstage about the events of last week. He says that Dominick is recovering at home and how Brock was a monster for attacking the both of them. Rey says that he knew what he had to do and that was to call on Cain Velasquez to take down Brock.

AOP have another vignette play and they talk about why they are violent. They say it goes back to where and how they were raised growing up. They say that is the reason why nobody wants to fight them.

The OC def. Lucha House Party

The Miz comes out for Miz TV and talks about Smackdown’s debut on Fox and then introduces Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair. The Miz hypes up Becky with her accomplishments and Becky talks about her match with Sasha Banks last night. The Miz then compliments Charlotte on her win and she says it is good to be her. The Miz hypes up their match against the Kabuki Warriors and then the two trade barbs with one another. Kabuki Warriors come out and say some things in their native tongue and brawl with Charlotte and Becky before their match.

Kabuki Warriors def. Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair. Charlotte attacks Sane and Asuka after the match but the Kabuki Warriors gain the advantage. Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss then come out for the save and take out the Kabuki Warriors.

Apollo Crews is interviewed backstage and talks about how tonight is his time to showcase for the draft.

Viking Raiders are backstage and talk about how they will beat Roode & Ziggler for the Raw tag team titles.

Ricochet is interviewed in Gorilla and he talks about how tonight he will showcase his talents for the draft. His music then hits and he makes his way out to the ring.

Ricochet def. Apollo Crews

Jerry Lawler is in the ring and introduces Tyson Fury. Fury comes out and he talks about what happened between him and Braun Strowman and demands an apology. Braun then makes his way out and says he was just joking around with Fury. Braun then said he saw the look Fury gave him and that is why he tossed Dolph at him. They start to trade insults at one another and the two start to brawl. Security separates them for a moment but they break away and continue to brawl. The locker room comes out to separate them but they are able to break away to continue to fight. They get separated and Braun is in Gorilla and says he will get his hands on Fury. Braun then rushes back to the ring and the brawl continues as Raw comes to a close.