Master P Getting Back Into Wrestling?

Master P posted on Instagram while talking to a cameraman that he’s stepping back into the wrestling industry after about twenty years.

He stated, “Our new lifestyle of the elite and wealthy TV show ‘Miller’s Family Treasures’ and we are making history by bringing Hip Hop to wrestling.  We don’t own the NFL, NBA, or MLB but we do own Hour of Glory aka ‘HOG’.  Join the movement #weallwegot [HOG Wrestling].

In the video he talks about hiring the best wrestlers for HOG and that Vince McMahon is in trouble.

While Master P tagged House of Glory (owned by Amazing Red), they have yet to respond to his posting.



QD – I honestly didn’t remember that Master P was involved in wrestling at all.  I had to look him up to be reminded of his WCW in 1999 where his faction, with Rey, Konnan and others, feuded with the Southern Rednecks before the group disbanded and eventually came together as The Filthy Animals.  There’s been a lot of discussion backstage at WR over Master P, his history in music and wrestling and how he’s worked for everything he’s got.  Personally I was rubbed the wrong way (I know this is going to sound petty) when he was on Dancing With The Stars (something I’ve not watched when Stacy Keibler was on) and he refused to wear dancing shoes and would only wear his kicks.  He was very disrespectful to the judges and didn’t put in the work that the other ‘stars’ did to perform these dances.  He was quite disrespectful to everyone involved and that has stuck with me.  I will follow this with an open mind, though I find it interesting that neither HOG nor Amazing Red have said a word about this publicly.