So Many Sighs. So Many, Many Sighs

Usually I spend my time in the introduction to A Sovereign Statement making small talk about my initial feelings about Raw. This week it is no secret at all because this Raw absolutely stunk up the joint. I can hardly even remember what happened on Raw because of how bad and unmemorable it was. Bear with me while I jump in and talk about Raw.


Rusev’s Marital Problems Continue

So many people are against this angle with Rusev but I will still give it time before totally crapping on it. Rusev was brawling with King Corbin and Randy Orton in the ring prior to his scheduled match with Orton. They cleared out and Bobby Lashley appeared on the tron and he said he was in Rusev’s house. Lana then appeared and said that everything was in her name and the lights went out as they embraced in bed. Orton and Corbin were laughing at Rusev and he would then beat both men down. In a sea of bad that was Raw, it was nice to see Rusev beat some people up for a change.


Last Woman Standing

This match was so meh that I don’t even want to spend time on it. Natalya won even though she was dominated by Lacey Evans throughout the match. SKIP!


Aleister Black Backstage

How nice it is to see Aleister once again, but I am a bit tired of the whole “pick a fight with me” angle. It is long overdue for his first feud and hopefully the draft will fix that.


Street Profits Backstage

Normally the Street Profits bring the energy with these backstage segments, but this felt too paint by the numbers. They still did their job in hyping like they always do but this was just meh. These two really have nothing left in NXT to do so I really wonder if they will stay there or actually become a main roster team.


Tyson Fury Backstage

Tyson Fury is quite the showman in the boxing world, and it was nice to see that energy here on a night that has been meh up to this point. It is clear that they are building towards something with him and Strowman and this further pushed that point. Fury did a decent enough job here and his charisma really showed here.


Viking Raiders vs RooDolph

This was not a bad match by any means, so the grade doesn’t totally reflect that. All four men are capable workers, but I just couldn’t get into this match for one simple reason. That reason being that Roode and Dolph simply do not work as a team. I do mean that they don’t do anything as a tag team and they just haven’t meshed that well. The Viking Raiders would win this match and give a promo later on saying they are coming for the titles. I really hope they take the titles off of RooDolph because it is time a real tag team held them again.


Aleister Black Backstage

Black appeared once again and this time it was to address his earlier comments. Black said that he knew what he had to do and that was to go out to the ring to find a fight. We all know that whoever would be in the ring, they will be getting squashed.


The Singh Bros vs Aleister Black

I could call this a “match” but that would be a disservice to all matches. It happened and Black won like we all knew he would. SKIP!


Braun Strowman Backstage

While Tyson Fury brought in all the charisma, Braun just did what he always does nowadays. When I think about it, all of Braun’s promos are pretty much the same nowadays. He talks a little about his opponent, says threatening stuff and finishes with “get these hands” while looking at the camera. SKIP!


Rey Mysterio Backstage

Rey’s mic work of late hasn’t really been up to par. I hear what he is saying but I just don’t buy any of it. Rey is coming off very scripted nowadays and the acting in novelas is better than this. The only reason this won’t get a skull is because I liked Rey’s mask for the night.


AOP Vignette

This was more of the same that we have been getting from AOP for weeks and I am still interested in it. I am tempted to say that I need to see them do something in the ring but they are clearly waiting for the draft to happen so they can figure out what brand they will be on. I like the intensity from AOP during these vignettes and am interested to see what they do once they are back in the ring.


The OC vs Lucha House Party

Can anybody explain to me why this match was happening? Oh, this was just so the OC could get a win? Well in that case, this match was just so meh. I know I am crapping on a lot of Raw, but it deserves every bit of it. This was just so meh and random and it was clearly done so the OC could get a win. SKIP!


Miz TV

This was such a better edition of Miz TV than last week and that is totally because of who the guests are. Becky and Charlotte completely did what they do on the mic and that is own it. Miz was good at moderating the whole thing and the Kabuki Warriors would come out onto the stage. Asuka and Kairi spoke in their native tongues and it led to a brawl between all four ladies before their match that was up next.


Kabuki Warriors vs Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair

This was a nice little tag match between these ladies, and I like how Asuka and Kairi are diving more into being heels. They teamwork in the ring is coming along as well and that is nice to see. Charlotte and Becky did their thing as well in this match and I was wondering who would come out on top. Asuka would invoke the green mist once again and allowed her team to pick up the win. The bad thing about the mist was that she aimed too high on Becky and you could see how much she missed in the replay. Charlotte attacked them and the Kabuki Warriors gained the advantage on her until Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss came out for the save. Nikki has slowly been turning Alexa face and Bliss is certainly working like a face.


Ricochet vs Apollo Crews

Prior to this match, both men cut promos on this being their time to showcase their talents and both promos were fine. You must wonder why I am giving this a skull and that is simply because this match was nothing of consequence. This match could be taken out from Raw and you wouldn’t miss a darn thing. These two are extremely talented in the ring and this was a waste of both men. SKIP!


Tyson Fury In-Ring

During this whole encounter to close Raw, I was just waiting for the brawl to happen. We all knew it was coming, so why didn’t need to dance around it so much. Once the brawl happened, it was actually pretty fun. The bad thing is that Fury is a legit boxer and you could just see how much he was pulling back on the punches he threw. That kind of took the seriousness out of this and made it more comical. Security couldn’t keep them back so of course the locker room tried to do it. They eventually would and Braun would make his was to the back. Braun then said some things he usually does and came back out for some more of Fury. That brawl would close out a rather poor episode of Raw.


Final Statement

There is no other way to say it other than this Raw stunk on darn near every level. It is a struggle for me to think of anything that is a high point at all. I guess the Kabuki Warrior/Becky & Charlotte match was something to watch and so was the ending segment. I am still interested in seeing where they whole Rusev/Lana/Lashley thing is going so I guess there is that. On the whole though, Raw was a complete and utter failure and I loathed writing the blog this week. Only one word sums up this episode of Raw and that is SKIP! Make sure you check in next week for another Sovereign Statement and hopefully for a better episode of Raw.