Circle It

It continues, the Wednesday Night Wars have now started, and AEW put on a strong second showing. Let’s delve into the show, shall we?


Welcome To The Party

Well, this was a hot as fire match to start the show, wasn’t it?

The Young Bucks have stated many times that one of the main objectives of AEW is to re-establish tag team wrestling as something important and something that draws after decades of other major promotions turning tag team wrestling into the toilet break moments of shows. If AEW keeps putting on tag matches like this, I think they will easily accomplish that goal.

Some were surprised that the Bucks went under in this one, but they clearly understand that they need to use the fact that they are well known to get other less known stars like Private Party over with the audience to secure the future of the company. Smart move!


Now We Actually Want To Be On Jericho’s List

This is the type of promo that we used to get a lot of in Pro Wrestling. No scripts, no memorised lines. Just a talented performer putting himself and others over while holding an audience in the palm of his hand.

Jericho did an amazing job here introducing his new stable “The Inner Circle”, and I especially enjoyed flipping the whole “list” gimmick on its head. Plus, being able to turn a fan chant from an old WWE gimmick that was possibly mismanaged creatively into a shot at WWE was pretty funny. Some may consider in a low blow, but Jericho knew he was creating a soundbite with it. All in all…good stuff, man!


Is The Cure Playing A Gig In Boston?

I wasn’t expecting much from these two honestly. While I enjoy both men’s gothic gimmicks, I thought Jimmy Havoc was just a deathmatch guy, and Darby Allin seemed to have a case of the Sabu’s about him where he feels the need to nearly kill himself in every match just to make an impression. Boy was I wrong!

These two worked a fun match and showed me (and I’m sure all the other doubters) that they can actually work the ring really well. It seems a bit early to give Darby a title shot (even though we all know he isn’t going over), but the crowd seems to be getting behind him, so I understand why they decided to give him the rub.


Do You Floss?

Before I get into this match, can I just say how painful Britt Baker’s version of the Mandible Claw looks! The move was turned into a bit of comic relief involving a sock by Mick Foley, but people forget that it is an incredibly painful nerve hold when applied with real pressure. Plus, as Jim Ross pointed it, the move was invented by another wrestling dentist decades ago (and dentists wonder why many consider them sadists)

But apart from that, I have to say…Britt stunk the joint out in this match. She seemed really clumsy and unsure of herself in there working with women like Bea, Riho and Sakura. Those three in question did their best to turn this one into something decent, but they didn’t quite succeed sadly!


America’s “Mox” Wanted

If you haven’t been watching Jon Moxley in New Japan…boy were you in for a treat with this one. It is pretty obvious that Mox is really enjoying his work these days in the wrestling ring. Every move feels crisper; every odd mannerism feels natural and not put on for the crowd. Mox is having a ball right now, and it is fun to watch.

I kind of feel bad for Shawn Speers though as he seems to be the same guy in AEW as he was in WWE. Namely, a talented guy who is always putting other people over.


Main Event Chaos

For the second week in a row, the main event of AEW Dynamite ends in a free for all…and I loved it. Some may accuse them of being repetitive, but it was done to establish several things within AEW.

Firstly, they wanted to establish “The Inner Circle” as the companies biggest heels. Secondly, they wanted to tease MJF turning on Cody again. And thirdly, they wanted to sell the main event next week between Jericho and Allin. If you ask me, they succeeded in all three goals.

The match itself before the free for all started was pretty good with Page and Gurvara getting a chance to shine and Jericho and Rhodes proving that they can both still work at such a high level despite both being more than 20 years older than their respective tag partners.

Plus, it needs to be said…Allin skateboarding down the ramp to attack Jericho was a seriously cool visual!


Final Thoughts

Overall, this weeks episode was arguably stronger than last weeks. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us in episode three!