SmackDown Ratings Drop On Fox’s Second Week

SmackDown on FOX drew an average of 2.889 million viewers this week. The total numbers for the 18-49 demographic were 1.0 million. When compared to last weeks 3.87 million, SmackDown lost nearly a million viewers this week with a .4 million drop in the 18-49 demographic.


SmackDown was back to being available for Dish customers this week as they settled their dispute with FOX last weekend.


Myrtle- Personally, I don’t find these numbers too surprising. Wrestling ratings were down for everyone this week. The honeymoon phase is over and if you want to keep your ratings, or improve on them, you’re going to have to work hard. I personally thought this week’s SmackDown was the best WWE “Main Roster” television we’ve saw in a long time. 2.889 million is nothing to be ashamed of.