More Draft Picks Announced

A couple superstars have been drafted to Raw and SDLive before Monday’s show.  The following superstars have been drafted:

Raw – Eric Young, EC3, Sin Cara

SDLive – Drew Gulak, Heath Slater, Tamina

The Draft will finish off the majority of picks on Monday during Raw, then the free agents pick which show they want to be on.



QD – I think this is a great way for the WWE to keep us excited about the Draft, but I feel bad for my beloved gingers who didn’t get picked live on WWE TV.  My biggest thing is that these superstars need to get the love.  It’s been too long since we have seen any of the above-mentioned names, other than Gulak, do anything but chase the 24/7 around or help keep Strowman and Fury from throwing somewhat lame looking punches at the end of Raw.