What are Byron Saxton and Tom Phillips Up To?

As we both know, Byron Saxton has been a main roster commentator for the last four years – appearing on both Raw and Smackdown Live at during his run.  Tom Phillips was Smackdown Live’s main commentator for a few years as well.  When the commentating teams were shifted around, Saxton and Phillips were both essentially left out in the cold.

Turns out both are still being used.  Byron Saxton is now the lead commentator on “Main Event” along with Dio Madden & Mickie James.  Here’s a photo:

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1….2….3…..CHEESE! #mainevent #wwe #smile

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Tom Phillips has been moved to 205 Live alongside Aiden English.  He debuted during this week’s episode.  He’s also the main commentator on NXT UK along with Nigel McGuinness.


Botch Take:  Wow.  Talk about your demotions.  There’s no other way this can be seen at the moment.  Nobody watches either Main Event or 205 Live and it’s a real shame.  205 in particular is “can’t miss” for me and always has been – though I get why it’s not interesting to others.  I don’t remember the last time I saw Main Event as it doesn’t feature anything that matters.  Dio has been pretty terrible since his debut on Raw and I’d much rather have Byron there.  Tom is also far better than the formerly-great Vic has been.  Vic is still getting his bearings and I’m sure he’ll improve but so far, so bad.  As for Byron, I’m hearing rumors that there may be more for him on FS1 but it’s not known yet.