Monday Night Smoke

We have arrived at the second night of the draft and I have enjoyed what Raw has done for the roster for the most part. The best part was getting the Street Profits to Raw, sorry Botch, because I just love that team. Like Botch did last week, I will not go into much detail about each pick of the draft. I will make a comment on the picks but nothing more than that. Without further ado, let us see what night two of the draft brought us.


Becky Lynch vs Charlotte Flair

Prior to the match starting, Becky came out with a new tron and cut a promo on Sasha Banks. She said how she was looking forward to beating her again but the beating from HIAC was apparently too much for her. Charlotte then came down to cut her own promo and it led to a brawl between the two before their match. I love that they gave these two plenty of time to kick off Raw because this was a darn good match. The chemistry that all four horsewomen have with each other is amazing and it shows in every match. This one match was better than anything we saw last week from Raw. Becky would pick up the win and earn Raw the first pick of the draft tonight.


Seth Rollins Backstage

It is really hard to listen to a Seth promo nowadays because they all sound the same. He talks about how he will try to overcome odds or something and he will “burn it down!” in the end. I am intrigued that he will be hunting for Bray and we will say how that plays out later on.


Stephanie McMahon Draft Round 1

Seth Rollins, Brock Lesnar, Charlotte Flair, New Day, Andrade

Very predictable who went where here except for Andrade being picked so high. I love that Zelina is coming with him and that he was chosen so high. Some may say it is because of his relationship with Charlotte and that may have something to do with it, but I would like to think it is because they see the talent he has. Predictable but nice first round overall.


Draft Panel

Like with Smackdown on Friday, Raw got the draft panel to discuss each round of picks. Renee really looks more at home in this setting than she did on commentary. I like that they kept this short because any longer would have felt like this was dragging on.


Andrade vs Ali

I love the promo Zelina cut on Andrade before this match. She is the sole reason Andrade has reached the heights he has, and their pairing is fantastic. We all knew this match would be good because of the two involved and it was darn good indeed.  Really good stuff between these two during this match and it is just a shame that both will be on separate brands as we will see later on in the night in the draft. Zelina did what she does and caused enough distraction for Andrade to pick up the win. I hope the new brand will help get Andrade to the level that he should be at.


Stephanie McMahon Draft Round 2

Kabuki Warriors, Daniel Bryan, Rusev,Bayley, Aleister Black

No real shockers here in the second round outside of the Kabuki Warriors being a Raw pick. I love both Kairi and Asuka so I will gladly take them on the red brand. Aleister makes sense to be on Raw since his wife Zelina is also on Raw now. No real surprises here in round 2.


The Viking Raiders vs RooDolph

I have not enjoyed the pairing of Roode and Dolph because they simply have not worked in the ring like a tag team. They work matches like two singles competitors and that is a disservice to the tag division. The Vikings have gotten more over with the crowd since they have started to have meaningful matches and I love that. Speaking of love, that is what I felt about this match because it was darn good. The crowd was firmly behind the Vikings throughout this match and that was a pleasant sight. Really good back and forth action throughout this match and the Viking Raiders would pick up the win and the Raw tag team titles. They cut a promo backstage later listing their accolades throughout the years and how they are ready to raid on the tag division. I cannot wait to see what happens with them next.


Stephanie McMahon Draft Round 3

Cedric Alexander, Shinsuke Nakamura, Humberto Carrillo, Ali, Erick Rowan

I am happy with this round of picks for both brands. I am especially happy to be keeping Cedric and gaining Humberto. Sorry Botch, but not really haha. Rowan is an interesting one to be moving to Raw and I am intrigued to see how he does on the red brand.


Aleister Black vs Eric Young

Not really much of a match here as this was just a showcase for Black to remind us of who he is. I truly hope that he is done with the whole “pick a fight with me” thing because that isn’t needed anymore. The time has come for him to move on with a proper feud and I wonder who it will be. Dre mentioned a feud with Orton being possible and that does intrigue me so long as Orton actually cares and does something more than being boring.


Stephanie McMahon Draft Round 4

Sir Mitch aka Buddy Murphy, RooDolph, Jinder Mahal, Carmella, R-Truth

I love that I got Sir Mitch aka Buddy Murphy because he can totally bring it in the ring. I hate getting Jinder because he does absolutely nothing. It is interesting that they are breaking up Truth and Carmella and I wonder why they decided to do that. The two have been gold together and I guess they felt like they had run their course.


Street Profits Backstage

I absolutely love having the Street Profits on Raw and they are fitting right in with the red brand. They came in and did a good job at hyping up the draft and what they plan to do on Raw. The OC came in and talked some smack to them and would eventually beat down the newly drafted tag team. It looks like the Street Profits will have their first feud and I am certainly looking forward to it. Sorry Botch for Raw having the Street Profits but not really haha.


Ricochet vs Shelton Benjamin

Much like the Black match, this was a match that was meant as a showcase for Ricochet. This was a slightly more competitive match than the Black one though. Shelton tried to put up a fight, but Ricochet would end up picking up the win with the Recoil. I do love the way Ricochet hits that move because it looks like he just floats into position before driving his opponent’s face into his knee.


Lana Getting A Massage

Yes, you read the title of this segment right and this was just Lana getting a massage by a masseuse. Lana was telling her how she likes it and eventually Lashley would come in to give her a massage she liked. I know many are crapping on this whole Lana/Rusev/Lashley angle, but I am still willing to see where it goes.


Fury & Strowman Contract Signing

I love how natural Fury is on the mic but that shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that has seen him on the mic during his boxing tenure because he is one charismatic man. Strowman on the other hand has become so darn predictable with his promos that it is easy to tune him out. This was a contract signing for their match in Saudi Arabia and I could care less about it since I won’t be watching it. SKIP!


Stephanie McMahon Draft Round 5

Samoa Joe, The Miz, Akira Tozawa, King Corbin, Shelton Benjamin

I am interested in seeing how Akira does on Raw as it seems like Raw is becoming the home of some of the cruiserweights. I love getting Joe on Raw but hate that Botch is getting Corbin. I have been championing Corbin long before he became King in that he wasn’t that bad. I guess this is karma for bragging about getting the Street Profits.


Sir Mitch vs Cedric Alexander

This match didn’t get as much time as I hoped it would, but it was still darn good. These two have had some tremendous matches over the last year or so on 205 Live and we got a glimpse of that here. The chemistry between these two is amazing and it showed once again here. That tope that Mitch hit on Cedric on the outside was a thing of beauty. It looked like he was shot out of a cannon and landed perfectly on Cedric. Really good back and forth action in this match and Mitch would pick up the win over Cedric. I really worry that all the rumblings about Cedric being buried could be true because he is on quite the losing streak of late.


Street Profits Backstage

Good stuff from Montez and Dawkins here as they sold the beating they took from the OC earlier in the night. They do a good job of going from fun loving to serious on a dime so well. They talked about getting ready to go after the OC and that they will have a third partner to even the odds. They didn’t mention who it was so they can keep that advantage to themselves. I would love to hear who everybody thinks the Profits may recruit to help them battle the OC.


Stephanie McMahon Draft Round 6

Rey Mysterio, Shorty Gable, Titus O’Neil, Elias, Liv Morgan

Like many drafts in sports, not much to say about the final round. I am surprised that Liv was the last one picked as she hasn’t been seen on tv in months. I wonder if they have plans for her in then near future when she comes back.


Draft Panel

Just like earlier in the night, they kept this nice and short and it worked just as well. Joe showed off on the mic as well, Beth was great as well and so was Renee and Booker. Booker kept hinting at the trade that may be happening on Tuesday and I wonder what the trade could possibly be.


The Kabuki Warriors vs Natalya & Lacey Evans

Could somebody please make a proper theme for the Kabuki Warriors? This mash up is just horrible, and I absolutely hate it. Natalya chose Lacey to be her partner and I guess it kind of makes sense. The match itself though was really solid and I was surprised this was in the final match slot. Really good stuff in this match and Lacey actually looked good in the ring. Maybe all those reps with Natalya are starting to show. I love that Asuka is adding some face paint to her look to further the change in character her and Kairi have done. Solid back and forth action in this match that saw the Kabuki Warriors pick up the win. The match did take up a lot of time and I was wondering how much time would be left for Seth and Bray.


Firefly Fun House

I love the Fun House and I love how Bray came in thinking nothing bad was going to happen. Rambling Rabbit tried to warn Bray about Seth, but he simply shrugged it off. Seth somehow found his way into the Fun House and he beat down Bray. I love that Bray was asking Seth why he was attacking him because it is showing how Bray and the Fiend are two separate entities. Bray would get in Seth’s face and plead with Seth to stop but Seth was not having any of it. Seth would take a page from Randy Orton’s playbook and burn down the Fun House. I have a feeling this will backfire on Seth and just fuel the Fiend even more.


Final Statement

I am so happy that this episode of Raw was better than last week. There was some really good stuff throughout this night and not much to complain about. All the matches were solid except for the Ricochet/Shelton one and the Black/Young one. The only really low point for me was the Fury/Strowman contract signing because I have no interest in that match or the event itself. I do have to mention that throughout the night we had various NBC personalities chime in, and they were what they were. I didn’t bother mentioning them in the actual review because they would have all earned a “SKIP!” from me. Overall, solid episode of Raw and some solid draft picks heading to the red brand. I am Sovereign S.A.M. and I will see you all next week for another Sovereign Statement.