New Japan Pro Wrestling Announces U.S. Subsidiary Promotion

NJPW held a special press conference Monday to announce a United States subsidiary, named New Japan Pro Wrestling of America.

NJPW CEO Takami Obari noted that live events will be an integral part of the new wing of NJPW and that their brand, concept and style are already valued stateside.

New Japan Pro Wrestling of America plans to run events on the west coast, as well as the south-east, Texas and midwest areas as a focal point. It was made clear by Obari that this wouldn’t take away from plans or business in Japan but hoped it served to attract more American fans and allow for improved talent relations in the United States. The United States schedule and tours will kick off while the Japanese schedule is in between tours, though it was mentioned that tours could happen simultaneously. There won’t be a reduction in the Japanese schedule, but they hope to possibly double the 13 events in the U.S. from this year to next.

Other plans call for events to air on New Japan World live whenever possible. Obari praised the relationship with AXS  saying they will continue to work together for the foreseeable future. Which is interesting as AXS was recently purchased by Impact Wrestling’s parent company, Anthem Entertainment.

Sir Mitch Says: Despite losing a lot of big draws to AEW, NJPW is still rolling full steam ahead with their international expansion plans. Although, I’d change the name of the new subsidiary if I were them!