Let’s Have A Talk About Fandom

Hello, everybody in the Wrestle Royalty Community, it’s Sovereign S.A.M. and to quote CM Punk, I have a few things to get off my chest. Now, some of you may agree with what I have to say, and some may not. We all know that fans in wrestling can be quite fickle and hard to please. Now I have gotten used to this because of how many fans have spoken out over WWE’s decisions over the years but I have reached my breaking point. The reason for that? The birth of AEW has given fans a whole new level of head scratching opinions as to what we should like in wrestling. I am sure those involved with AEW didn’t want that to happen but nonetheless it has. What I plan on doing here is talking the fandom in wrestling right now as a whole. Before I start, this is not me showing support for one company over the other but just some things I have to say about the fandom of both AEW and WWE.

Let’s start off with the obvious and say that WWE has turned away fans over the years because of booking, creative and everything in between. That has left many fans wanting something new to replace WWE. First, we had TNA/Impact, then ROH and then NJPW as an avenue for fans trying to find the alternative to WWE. None of those had a strong lasting power and because of that we now have AEW. It all started with All In last year and the success of that led the members of the Elite to start their own company to compete, yes, I said compete, with WWE. No matter how many times they say they aren’t, they really are because they spend as much time calling it a war. So now we have a new company in 2019 that fans that have been turned off by WWE to get behind. You want to know the problem with that? The fans that voice their opinions the most about AEW are the absolute worst of the worst.

Now I am only talking about the ones who truly are delusional about AEW’s standing right now and not the ones who are sitting back and enjoying it knowing they are growing still. The fans of AEW that are saying that “WWE’s time is done!” and “WWE sucks! AEW rules!” are the ones that almost make you want to see AEW fail so they can shut up. Now I do want AEW to succeed and I think they have some solid stuff, but they also have a bunch of growing pains as well that those delusional fans do not want to admit to. Blind fandom like that is bad for any sort of media and it is at its worst in the IWC. Those blind AEW fans cannot take criticism and if you do criticize, they call you a “WWE fanboy” no matter how valid a point you make. I for one still think AEW needs to clarify how the referee discretion works, the women’s division still has a way to go, the timing of commercials can improve and that is to just name a few things. I also cannot forget how blindly they defend JR’s poor commentary based on legacy alone and nothing else. AEW fans have replaced Star Wars fans in my eyes as to being vocal and loud with head scratching opinions.

Now let us move on to the WWE side of the spectrum. I have watched WWE darn near my whole life, and I will admit that it is hard to be a fan at times because they make some questionable decisions. I haven’t been afraid to voice my displeasure, but I do not do it in a way to say that WWE is dying. The thing about it is that there are the blind WWE fans who will make excuses for everything WWE does. They will say things like “Vince won the Monday Night Wars, so he knows what he is doing” or “let it play out and see what happens” when that something goes on for months and isn’t working. WWE has improved during 2019 with Vince letting go of some control, not all of it, but some. WWE fans can be the worst because if you do things that please them, they will still find a way to hate on it. People questioned the new Bray Wyatt gimmick when it started and then it became the hottest thing in wrestling and the same WWE fans acted like they never hated it in the first place.

I said my piece on the main roster but let us dive into one of the biggest reasons why I have become disgruntled with the AEW/WWE fandom. The best thing in wrestling is when we have a variety so why do we have to choose sides and say one is better? I remember when people talked about NXT and how great it was and now fans, many of them being the AEW ones, try and say that NXT isn’t as great anymore. Nothing has changed and they still deliver week in and week out. The difference is that now they view NXT as the enemy going up against AEW, so they hate it all of a sudden. That is the type of blind fandom I hate in general. If you want an equivalent to this type of fandom, just go look at the DC/Marvel debate that is constantly taking place and that is what is happening with AEW and WWE. People taking sides and blindly defending their opinions without realizing that we can have both and be happy. One does not need to be better than the other, both can be good, and we can live a normal life.

I know it feels like I may have trashed AEW a bit more than WWE but the rise of AEW is the reason why we have so many delusional opinions on regarding both sides now. AEW fans do not want to hear anything bad about the company and I have this gut feeling that once they do something they don’t like, they will find a way to blame it on WWE. WWE fans also do not want to hear AEW as being something good because they are happy with the giant that has been around for decades and see every other company as nothing. It is fun being a fan of pro wrestling but sometimes you wonder if it is worth it with so many blind and delusional fans who support something and fail to see any negatives.


I think I will just sum up all the delusional fans of both WWE and AEW with a tweet from MVP.


I am Sovereign S.A.M. and I will see you all around the Wrestle Royalty Community.