Who Wears A Scarf?

Hey everybody, it’s Sovereign S.A.M. and I am filling in for Sir Mitch this week for the Dynamite review. Now I have my own feelings towards AEW that differ from his so this review may look a bit different. I have enjoyed the product but do feel they need some improving. Wit hall of that out of the way, let us dive into Dynamite.


Lucha Bros vs Private Party

I knew this would be a very athletic tag match and it sure was. I love that they just jumped right into the match. Fun stuff right out the gate with all the moves both teams were hitting. Private Party are so much fun to watch, and they have such a bright future as long as they are booked well. The Lucha Bros have been one of the best tag teams going right now so no surprise that they brought it. I will say that I had such a problem with JR during this match and I really feel he needs to go. The man simply does not get the scene in wrestling right now and he sounds like an old fart. He did some disrespect to the lucha libre culture by saying that the way lucha does tag matches make no sense and that did not sit well with me. JR aside, great match and the right team went over here as the Lucha Bros picked up the win. I would rate this match higher, but JR’s commentary brings it down.


Wardlow is Coming

Okay………….? No idea who this Wardlow is but the vignette looked nice.


SCU vs Dark Order

It is so hard to be invested in a match when one of the participants does nothing for you. That is how I feel about the Dark Order because they just do nothing for me. AEW hasn’t done a good job in building them up at all. SCU is over like rover and that is the only reason I was interested at all in this match. Kazarian may be better than he was during his run in TNA and that is saying something. Scorpio Sky is amazing to watch as well, and I like the way they work together. Solid match overall that saw SCU pick up the win and they will take on the Lucha Bros to determine the inaugural AEW tag team champions.


Joey Janela vs Kenny Omega

This was a really solid match and one that showed that Janela is more than just a hardcore wrestler. Joey is someone that can go in the ring and this was the perfect showcase for that. It does help to have Omega in the ring with you because he is one of the best in the world but Janela more than held his own. I was actually finding myself rooting for Janela in this match because they did a good job in making him the underdog. Both men really brought it here and there were plenty of near falls during this match. They did keep cutting to the Inner Circle who made their way to a suite during the SCU/Dark Order match and it was kind of distracting. It felt like it was taking away from the match and especially because of the camera angle they are using. Omega would pick up the win over Janela in a pretty good match.


Cody In-Ring

Cody came out to the ring to make an announcement and we never got to find out what it was because the Inner Circle kept interrupting him. That was fine and dandy, but Cody just had to take another shot at WWE. He talked about an invisible wall that the other company has, and he really didn’t need to say that. The constant shots that AEW takes at WWE is just getting tiresome. Dustin Rhodes and MJF came out to support Cody against the Inner Circle and they needed one more to even the odds. DDP then came out to be the fourth member and I was underwhelmed by that. The subsequent brawl was fun but the rest of it felt very meh to me.


Best Friends vs Young Bucks

I didn’t know what to expect from this match and I was pleasantly surprised by this match. The Young Bucks are truly gifted, but JR really should calm it down on calling them the best tag team in the world because it is getting a bit tiresome. See a trend when it comes to JR? Back to the match and once again, really solid stuff here. Good back and forth action and I just love Orange Cassidy. He is so unique but once again, JR just doesn’t get it. Good match that saw the Bucks pick up the win and after the match, they accepted the challenge from Santana and Ortiz to a match.


Jamie Hayter vs Britt Baker

This wasn’t a bad match, but it also wasn’t a really good match but somewhere in between. It is clear that they want to make Baker a star, but her ring work isn’t there yet. She looks good in some moments but man she struggles in others. Her slingblade looks like a mess most of the time and she does look a bit green out there. I wasn’t familiar with Hayter, but I did like what I saw from her. I think she could be a good fit for the women’s division in AEW. Britt picked up the win here in her hometown of Pittsburgh. After the match, Hayter was getting interviewed and Brandi Rhodes attacked her because of reasons? That was so weird and awkward, and I have no idea what the point of it was.


Jon Moxley vs PAC

This was a fun match, but I feel like this shouldn’t have gotten the main event slot. They made a point to announce how much TV time was left and that felt like a warning that a draw was likely to happen here. PAC attacked Moxley before the bell to gain an advantage and it was paying off for him. He used that attack to do some damage to Moxley but Moxley would fight back to get the advantage. Back and forth action throughout this match and Moxley tried to pin PAC before time ran out but PAC kicked out. The referee then called for the bell as time ran out. The crowd crapped on the draw finish and I feel like that will be a thing as long as AEW continues with the time limits and emphasis on records.


Final Thoughts

Overall, good episode of Dynamite but there was plenty wrong with it. The tag matches were a ton of fun, but I am still not into the Dark Order. Omega and Janela was another good match and it was a fun showcase for Janela. Baker clearly needs work and it shows in each match. JR is totally not needed on commentary and he is taking me out of the matches with his bad commentating. It is the harsh truth that AEW fans will not admit to, but JR should not be on the commentary desk. Good stuff overall but AEW still has some work to do. That is a given because they are still in their infancy so I will give them time to grow. I am Sovereign S.A.M. and I will see you all around the WRC.