I’m NOT Ronda Rousey

Last week saw NXT invade Smackdown so we were all waiting to see what kind of invasion would happen on Raw. I was excited for the possibility of some fun invasion stuff. All that being said, let us jump right in and see what Raw had for us this week.


Triple H Arrives

Triple H arrived with a bunch of SUVs and we all assume that the NXT talent is in them. That was quite the sight to see and you could hear the crowd chanting “NXT!” and that is awesome. We will see more with Triple H later in the night.


Brock Lesnar & Paul Heyman In-Ring

Just when I thought I was done having to cover Brock on Raw, WWE decides to put him back on Monday nights. I truly do not take pleasure in writing about the man, but I love Heyman so what a conundrum that brings. Heyman absolutely nailed this promo to hype up Brock and his search for Rey Mysterio so he can get some payback. It was a real masterclass in how to deliver a promo and Heyman is on that elite level of mic work that so few have reached. Brock and Heyman then went to the backstage area and Brock went on the prowl. He manhandled a staff member and he told him he didn’t know where Mysterio was. He went up to another staff member and he said he thought he saw him in a car. Brock darn near ripped the door off the car and the person inside pleaded with Brock that he wasn’t Mysterio. Really good segment from start to finish here.


The Kabuki Warriors vs Charlotte Flair & Natalya

I was really excited about this match because all four women can bring it in the ring, and I have to be honest and say I was left underwhelmed. The ladies had plenty of time to work but something was just off about this match. Some of the timing wasn’t there and looked sloppy at times. I wish we had a backstage segment or something to explain why Charlotte is teaming with Nattie too because commentary isn’t doing a good job in getting them over. Just like I said last week, there is so much charisma in that ring and none of it belonged to Natalya. She just has no personality in there and it shows so much when she is in the ring with women that have personalities. Natalya and Charlotte picked up the win here for some reason and I guess they are the next challengers. It would be nice if a team from NXT and Smackdown joined in so we could have a nice tag match for Survivor Series.


Heyman & Brock on The Prowl

Heyman and Brock showed up on the stage and confronted Jerry Lawler on commentary about the whereabouts of Rey. I love how intense this was because Jerry played the role of fear very well. He looked terrified of what Brock may do but he would be willing to fight if he needed to. Dio Maddin surprisingly stepped up for Jerry and got in Brock’s face. I love how dismissive Brock was of him and put him through the commentary table with an F5. Rey then showed up and battered Brock with a pipe and had to be separated. This segment was great on every level and I loved Dio here. I know I gave him gripe early on, but he has really stepped up over the last few weeks. Dio is also a big dude and the sight of him standing up to Brock added a nice wrinkle to this.


Rey Mysterio Backstage

I have been on Rey’s case of late with his promos because I haven’t felt the fire in them but that changed with this one. There was conviction and fire in his voice, and you could feel the intensity he was trying to convey. Rey nailed this promo and you could here how all the attacks on Cain and his son have led to this point. Rey challenged Brock to a title match at Survivor Series and that would be announced as an official match later in the night.


Cedric Alexander vs Sir Mitch

This match felt so randomly placed that some of us in the DD thought that this could be where NXT decided to invade. That ended up not being the case and we got a pretty fun match between these two. That isn’t much of a shock because of how good both men are but this just felt so random. Mitch ended up picking the win here over Cedric and I can’t help but think how far Cedric has fallen.


Seth Rollins In-Ring

Seth’s promos over the last few months have not been all that great, but this was a nice change of pace. He talked about how he lost to Bray and you could see how that impacted him. His entrance didn’t have the same swagger and he simply walked to the ring knowing he had some things he had to say. He talked about how he hates that Brock is back on Raw and how he is the top dog once again. Triple H then came out and told Seth that their paths seem to cross every time Seth is going through something. Really fun back and forth between them and Triple H told Seth that he is either with him or against him in this Survivor Series between NXT, Smackdown and Raw. The Undisputed Era showed up on the apron and Seth looked like he would make his decision. The OC then came out and we would have ourselves a brawl. Dominik Dijakovic showed up and so did Damian Priest. Members of the Raw locker room came out the even the odds and NXT would retreat for now.


Triple H & Seth Rollins Backstage

Seth tracked down Triple H backstage and told him that if he were to come back to NXT, it would have to be as the top guy. Seth said he would do what Daniel Bryan couldn’t and that was beat Adam Cole for the NXT Championship. Triple H smiled at the thought of it and told him that he would make it official for later in the night. Nice segment here and it showed that Seth has that fire lit under him again.


Andrade & Zelina Vega vs Sin Cara & Catalina/Carolina

Would somebody in WWE please clarify if the luchadora with Sin Cara is name Carolina or Catalina? I am tired of hearing both names and not knowing which one is her actual name. I have enjoyed this feud with Sin Cara and Andrade, and I feel like it has done a good job to get both men over. That being said, this match was a bit sloppy and not as good as their previous encounters. I think their two previous matches worked a lot more smoothly and I really think it is because of how green Carolina/Catalina is. It was clear that when she worked with Zelina that she was off a bit and Zelina had to make up for it. Zelina and Andrade would pick up the win here and I wonder if this is the end of this feud because it has been so one-sided.


Rusev In-Ring

This Rusev/Lashley/Lana stuff has no reason to be as entertaining as it is, but it really is so much fun to watch. It reminds me of those reality dating shows we say we don’t watch but we secretly do because of how out there they are. Rusev came out to challenge Lashley to a match and Lashley came out with Lana on crutches. He told Rusev that he hurt his groin because of the things he has been up to and I was dying from this. From a pure entertainment standpoint, this is my feud of the year and I have no shame in saying that. Lana said they found somebody to fight Rusev and out came Drew McIntyre.


Drew McIntyre vs Rusev

This was a fun little match here and I wonder what these two could do with a proper feud and build. McIntyre seems to be floating around with nothing to do and that is why I say he should feud with Aleister Black. Both need something to do and the feud and matches could be something to behold. There was some nice and solid back and forth action in this match and Lashley would come from behind and hit Rusev with a crutch. The two started fighting and I loved how McIntyre just left and was like” I don’t care enough about this” when he left. Rusev looked to be getting the upper hand when Randy Orton hit him with an RKO. This would lead to Ricochet coming out for the save and I guess we are getting Orton versus Ricochet now. I have to say, I am not the biggest fan of that possible feud.


Becky Lynch Interview

Don’t care what you say, this deserves all the crowns and then some. Becky was getting interviewed backstage about the upcoming triple threat match at Survivor Series and she had a few things to say about it when the thing we have been waiting for happened. Shayna Baszler showed up and took over the interview and the tension between these two was palatable. The fact that both women kept their cool and talked in a calming manner to one another added to this. This really made me giddy at the thought of a proper feud between the two because it would be better than the Ronda Rousey one. Shayna saying that she isn’t Ronda is so darn true because is truly better than her in every aspect. Ronda could barely hold a candle to Becky on the mic during their feud, but Shayna is able to go toe-to-toe with her and it is awesome. The stare down was perfect, and I cannot wait to see how all this builds. I feel sorry for Bayley because she will be the afterthought in this build.


The OC, Street Profits & Humberto Carrillo Promo

SKIP! Yes, I said skip to something featuring the Street Profits. It pains me to say it, but this was nothing and it is everybody’s fault. They tried but none of it worked and it pains me to grade it like this.


The OC vs The Street Profits & Humberto Carrillo

SKIP! Again, it pains me to do this, but this was a big pile of nothing. The dead crowd didn’t help but this was just a nothing match. The OC won so there is that.


The Viking Raiders vs Local Talent



Seth Rollins vs Adam Cole Bay Bay!

Sadly, the dead crowd did not help this match and a dead crowd has a way of taking anybody watching it on tv out of it too. The match was fine and all, but it just fell flat. I really feel like the crowd not being into it had something to do with it because it didn’t have the same energy as the Bryan/Cole match from Friday. Solid back and forth action between the two and the crowd got into it towards the end of the match. It looked like Seth would pick up the win, but the Undisputed Era came out to attack Seth. That led to a DQ and it also led to something that deserves to be broken off on its own.


All Out Brawl

Now this is something that woke up the crowd as we had an all-out brawl between NXT and Raw. As I mentioned above, the Undisputed Era came out to attack Seth and this led to the OC coming out for some revenge. More NXT roster members came out and then the Raw roster would come out as well. Pure and utter chaos was happening, and I loved every minute of it. Ricochet hit a Shooting Star to the men on the outside and it looked fantastic. The best moment came when Keith Lee did a tope over the top rope as Raw was coming to a close because that was timed so perfectly. That left a lasting image on what is happening right now with this invasion.


Final Statement

This Raw started off so well and then just went downhill and got brought up by the ending. That is weird to say because there was so much good happening but then all the bad happened in succession. The highlights were definitely the Shayna/Becky interview and the brawl at the end. The Rey/Brock stuff has me fully invested and has had a good build so far. The low points had to be, and it pains me to say this, the Street Profits stuff with Humberto and the OC. There was just no magic there and it all fell flat. The Viking Raiders continuing to squash local talent is beyond stupid because champions should not be doing this. Overall, up and down episode of Raw this week but not the worst thing in the world. I am Sovereign S.A.M. and I will see everybody next week for another Sovereign Statement.