New Recruits Report to WWE Performance Center

Stephon Smith, Shotzi Blackheart, Scarlett Bordeaux, and Indi Hartwell – new WWE Performance Center recruits

The newest group of recruits has officially reported to the WWE Performance Center.  Former EVOLVE standout Shotzi Blackheart, MCW alum Indi Hartwell, former Impact wrestler (and many other places), Scarlett Bordeaux, and former OWV wrestler-turned-referee Stephon Smith have all began working out.  WWE sent a press release and here it is:


Botch Take:  Shotzi absolutely blew me away during her match on the EVOLVE show on the WWE Network.  Scarlett’s great too as she’s kind of been everywhere.  Not familiar with Indi but hope she gets a real shot.  The one I’m most familiar with is Stephon.  He began as a wrestler in NWA Fusion some years ago and was trained by Steve Corino.  He can REALLY go but he decided to switch it up and began refereeing instead.  That’s when he really took off.  So glad he’s made it to WWE.

So who has the best shot at success?  Honestly, it’s probably Stephon.  We all know that WWE’s talent pool of wrestlers is incredibly deep and while Shotzi and Scarlett are incredibly talented (I’m sure Indi is too), they’re headed into to an already-full women’s locker room.  They’ll each have to work hard to not only get attention but to keep it.  Stephon, on the other hand, is going in as a ref and there aren’t nearly as many refs down there.  Heck, he’s the only one of these four who’s already been on WWE-TV.