Carnie Succubus

It continues. The Wednesday Night Wars have now started, and AEW put on another strong showing. Let’s delve into the show, shall we?

Hey Ref

Ok, look…this match was good. But I think we know why I have to rate it so low. The referee botching the three count at the end was just plain embarrassing for everyone involved. PAC actually looked like he was about to kill the ref before he just went on with it and locked in his Rings of Saturn finisher. All in all just a bad look.


Cody Spits Fire

Last week, I said Moxley gave the promo of the year. But Cody has to come a tied first or close second with this piece of microphone art.

You could tell all throughout this promo that Cody was speaking from his heart, speaking from his soul. This is the kind of promo that a performer simply can’t give when they have to follow a script.

I HATE giving one of the biggest pieces of crap walking the earth, Jim Cornette, credit for anything, but he was 100% correct when he tweeted that this promo was the modern-day equivalent to Dusty Rhodes famous “hard times” promo from the ’80s.

Just plain verbal brilliance.


Give Me My Vodka Cranberry

I’m just going to say it; the Dark Order have flopped in AEW. It’s not a lack of skill level on their part (they are both great in the ring), but their gimmick looks less menacing entities, and more BDSM club rejects. If I were Tony Khan and the Elite, I’d be looking at ways to repackage them and quick!

However, one team that has certainly gotten over with fans and in a big way is Private Party. I knew next to nothing about these two before they were signed by AEW and now they are one of my favourite parts of Dynamite every week.

This match was excellent and a fun, simple way of setting up the AEW tag title match at Full Gear.


Hey Kids, It’s Virgil

I don’t believe it – a comedy vignette in pro wrestling that was actually funny. 999 times out of 1,000, these things are cringe-worthy bad. But not one joke fell flat. I am really happy they didn’t turn off the house mics when they ran this segment as the crowd roaring with laughter. But of course, the best part of the whole thing was seeing the man, the myth, and possible piece of crap judging by some of his past antics on Twitter, Virgil, featured in this skit. Whoever produced this segment deserves an award!


We Will Rock You

I was very interested in this one because I had missed Jamie Hayter’s debut a few weeks ago. The brutish Brit reminds me of a bit of Paige’s mother, Sweet Saraya Knight. I was not disappointed either as Hayter has a lot of that old school British stiffness in her in-ring style.

Shanna (who really impressed me last week) seemed a little lost in this one. I’m hoping it’s just because she isn’t used to working in tag matches and her wonderful performance last week wasn’t a fluke.

But the real story here was Emi and Riho setting up their match at Full Gear. Some people may complain that the challenger pining the champion in a non-title match was a little too much like a WWE move. But WWE didn’t invent the idea of challengers beating champs before big title matches to help sell the idea the champs title reign could be in danger. They just overplayed the crap out of it until it got stale.

All in all, this was a solid match.


Queen Brandi

Another week of really well produced, but slightly confusing vignettes for Brandi and Awesome Kong. I mean, I am digging these things, and Brandi looks amazing in them…but I still want to know where all of this has come from. This whole thing has come from out of nowhere, and so sue me, I would like a little context, please!


“Chairman” vs. “Dungeon Master”

I know Cutler is a very good friend of the Young Bucks, but I really don’t understand why he has a performers contract with AEW. I mean, he’s obviously a super nice guy based on his appearances on Being The Elite, but he just looks so out of place in AEW’s ring. I’m usually the first person to dismiss the usual ridiculous notion that a workers look should determine how far they get in the industry, but in Cutler’s case…he really looks like he just doesn’t belong.

This whole match was pretty much a glorified squash to build up Spears for his match against Janella at Full Gear. And it’s something that probably should have been done on Youtube and not on TV.


Katie Vick Wasn’t My Idea

For those who are unaware, fans who live outside of countries AEW does not have TV deals in watch Dynamite through the FITE app. One of the advantages of this is that we don’t watch the commercial breaks, so we get to see every match in its entirety. But we also get to see great moments in between matches and segments. Like Chris Jericho in full heel mode with a mic in his hand pretending he can’t understand what the crowd is chanting because of their southern accents. While the crowd was calling him a certain derogatory name that I won’t type as Barron Botch edits these blogs, he had the crowd in stitches trying to guess what they were chanting.

“Mr Slick” the crowd laughed. “John Wick” the crowd laughed even harder. “Katie Vick” the crowd then died, and I did too watching at home. “Trust me, it wasn’t my idea’ was the last thing Jericho said before the commercial break ended and people not watching on FITE were probably wondering why the crowd was still in hysterics. Jericho is a genius as simple as that.

I don’t have a lot to say about the match itself (apart from the fact that it was fun), but I do have a few things to say about the closing segment. Some fans thought it was overbooked (which it was truthfully), but the segment was a fun throwback to the Monday night wars. If you look back at every second episode or so of Raw and Nitro back in the day, they ended in a really fun, wild, crazy brawl featuring multiple stars.

It was just a fun way of ending a go-home show before a PPV!


Final Thoughts: 

This episode had a few week parts in the middle as well as a ruined opener if I’m honest. But there was more than enough good stuff in-between these off parts to make this must-see TV.