Wrestle Royalty Predicts…AEW Full Gear 2019

Here, ye, hear, ye.  The Royals of Wrestle Royalty are at it again – this time pontificating, elaborating on, and predicting what promises to be an amazing WWE Clash of Champions 2019 PPV!  Step right up, spin the wheel and have a gander at our picks for this one.  We want to see your predictions too!  Vote in the polls following each match!


Lights Out/Unsanctioned Match
Jon Moxley vs. Kenny Omega

Queen KB:  This match really interests me. I have never been an Omega fan and have caught a lot of guff backstage for it (not as much guff as I’ve gotten over not feeling Keith Lee, but only because I’ve never written much about Omega), but I’m feeling him a bit more lately. Not only am I feeling him more, but I’m downright giddy over this match. Seeing Mox actually be Mox and not try to conform to the WWE’s Ambrose is quite a wonderful change of pace. Mox is even stronger and wilder than Ambrose when Shield first debuted and Ambrose was the edgiest and scariest of the group at that point, but he still wasn’t truly Mox. I think the closest we saw of Mox in the WWE was VERY early on when he had that little off-TV feud with Foley and that went a bit ugly unexpectedly.

Basically both guys are really rough around the edges and sexy in that really dirty way (sorry, I couldn’t think of a better way to say it), so I have to admit that it doesn’t matter who wins this match, because this is possibly the first match that I’m interested in watching in a non-technical way. I’m always in for technical matches with the best storytelling, psychology, and emotion, but none of that matters to me in this match. Before I truly over-step here, I’m going to pick Omega to win this and move on.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – Kenny Omega


Baron Botch:  This is going to be incredible amounts of fun and go completely off the rails.  They have nowhere near the restrictions the other company has because of sponsors/public perception, etc.  If I’m AEW creative, I’m using this as an opportunity to get Kenny Omega over.  The casual fan knows who Jon Moxley is from his time…elsewhere.  Kenny isn’t known on the same level and a match like this would take care of that nicely.  They are overdoing the concept but Mox is perfect for this concept.  Heck, it was created for character like this.  I think Omega will step up nicely too.  While it is too early to say things like “this person can/can’t take the loss”, I also think Kenny will come away with the win as he’s the lesser known of the two and could use it based on that alone.

THE WINNAH!!! – Kenny Omega


Sovereign S.A.M:  I was really into this match until they turned it into an unsanctioned match and that kind of took some of the allure away. I think the reason is because this is AEW’s third unsanctioned match I believe that and is three too many in their short history. Unsanctioned matches as a stipulation should be used sparingly and I have no idea why AEW doesn’t just call it a hardcore match or something like that. It just feels like a convoluted way to work the record stuff into story and I am not into that. This is the problem I have with AEW doing the wins/losses thing because it leads to randomness like this. Rant over and I think this match will be a good one and I have little doubt about that. Moxley feels rejuvenated since leaving WWE but I think he still needs that real signature moment to separate Moxley from Ambrose. I may be alone in thinking that, but I am willing to be on an island. Omega is fully capable of being in a great match in any situation so this should deliver. Since this won’t count in the record books, that leaves the winner to be a toss up in my eyes.

The Winner: Kenny Omega


Sir Mitch:  BLOOD AND GUTS…BLOOD AND GUTS…BLOOD AND GUTS!!! That is what I am expecting from this match, and I hope I will not be disappointed. After all, there are far fewer restrictions of PPV and the way this program has been built up; it would be a let down if we didn’t see these two push boundaries that haven’t been pushed on a mainstream wrestling show in years.

I’m not saying Moxley needs to go full CZW mode on Omega and Omega needs to go full DDT Pro mode on Moxley, but a little caution to the wind is not a bad thing.

Picking a winner in this one is tricky because you have to believe whoever goes over will be next to challenge for the AEW World Title. But after a great deal of thought, I’m going with Omega for the win as I don’t think an ex-WWE guy should be challenging another ex-WWE guy in the next PPV.

Winner: Kenny Omega


Magnate Mat:  Ever since his rebirth/release/reissue, Moxley has been on a tear – both in AEW and out of it. From the independent scene to the G1 Climaxy tournament in Japan, Moxley has been out to fight everyone and anyone.

Kenny Omega is probably the best professional wrestler walking the planet, but you wouldn’t know it by his singles record in AEW, he seems to be in a bit of a funk, like he can’t get his legs under him….but all that clears right up when it comes to Jon Moxley. Since getting thrown off a giant stack of poker chips at ‘Double Or Nothing’, the clash between Omega and Moxley wasn’t an IF, but a WHEN. As we’ve seen at previous AEW events “Lights Out” means unsanctioned, No DQ, basically the referee is there to count to 3.

WINNER – Kenny Omega


Jon Moxley vs. Kenny Omega

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AEW World Championship Match
Chris Jericho vs. Cody Rhodes

Queen KB:  I think it’s still way too early for Jericho to lose the strap. He’s such a nasty heel, has a great faction to protect him, and he’s not going to let that gold go to anyone, but especially not Cody. These two have such chemistry, though saying that is like saying that Eddie and Chavo had chemistry, or Ciampa and Gargano have chemistry. They have amazing charisma and each could work with almost anyone, but together they are truly magical! This match will end dirty with the Inner Circle getting involved and keeping the strap with the top heel in the company, Chris Jericho.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – Chris Jericho


Baron Botch:  Great feud we’ve had here!  Whatever may have been keeping anyone from getting into this feud was eliminated with Cody cut that promo this week.  I can’t imagine anyone’s not into it now.  The added stip adds something interesting too.  Add in the judges and this will be something completely different which I am all for.  I’m not sure how Cody can lose cleanly here.  It’s awfully early to get to the place where he’s denied a championship match ever again.  Le Champión hasn’t had the belt long either.  What happens.  Well, it’s gotta be a dirty loss involving the rest of the Inner Circle.  Not sure how else they get out of this.  Whatever they do, break out the bubbly ’cause we’ll be entertained here.

THE WINNAH!!! – Chris Jericho


Sovereign S.A.M:  This match is happening, and the added caveat is that if Cody loses, he will no longer challenge for the AEW World title. Typical wrestling booking usually tells us that when a stipulation like this happens, it won’t last no matter who comes out on top. That being said, I really don’t have high expectations for this match. I have said many times that Jericho has lost more than a step and I don’t know if Cody is someone who could carry him in a long match. We have the added wrinkle of judges declaring a winner if time runs out and I don’t know if Jericho can last that long. Cody is a good wrestler that can tell a good story, but I don’t know if he can do what other opponents of Jericho have done. I could be proven wrong about this and I gladly welcome the opportunity. I fully expect shenanigans in this match because it feels like all of Cody’s matches have them nowadays.

The Winner and NEW AEW World Champion: Cody


Sir Mitch:  I really hope this doesn’t go to the judge’s scorecards! I am one of the few who actually like the fact that AEW has time limits in matches as it adds a sense of realism to the show. Yes, all fans in 2019 know the industry is a work, but we also know Daisy Ridley isn’t actually a Jedi and yet we still enjoy losing ourselves in the story of Star Wars and believe its real at that moment. Suspension of disbelief is an important part of storytelling and something that’s been lost in Pro Wrestling for a long time now.

But as I said, I don’t want this match to end in a time limit draw and a judges decision. Why, you ask? Simple! If that happens, it’s obvious who will win…Cody. When that happens we will get a rehash of old WWE and WCW storylines were Jericho will complain the system is rigged and claim he is the victim of a conspiracy. I like AEW because it doesn’t look like WWE in any way. Them going the WWE-Lite route as WCW and TNA did is the last thing anyone wants.

So for all the reasons above I’m picking Jericho to go over clean.

Winner: Chris Jericho


Magnate Mat:  This got interesting real quick in the past couple weeks. Jericho, as champ, has hardly been the paragon of AEW but he’s surrounded himself with formidable cohorts. Cody has been doing what he’s been doing, being the public face of AEW, kissing hands and shaking babies and all that….until last night. Last night, Cody gave one of the best promos I’ve heard in the past few years from any wrestler. He called out Jericho, made it personal, the AEW crowd in attendance were all standing….for a promo. Apparently, you can get Chris Jerichos recent book ‘Lionheart’ for $3 on Amazon….oh and he’s a ‘carnie succubus’, according to Cody. I’m inclined to agree with him…oh and if Cody loses, he will not compete for the AEW Championship at any time in the future.

WINNER – Chris Jericho aka Le Champion


Chris Jericho vs. Cody

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The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) vs. Santana & Ortiz

Queen KB:  I keep complaining about LAX backstage and, in all honesty, it’s not fair to Ortiz and Santana. The issues I have with LAX are with Konnan and Homicide, not Ortiz and Santana. That being said, and this might shock those who know how I felt about the Bucks for a long time, I’d like to see them win this one. They haven’t been Jeff Jarrett-ing AEW, which I’ll admit I was worried about, therefore I think I’d like to see the faces win this one. With Jericho beating Cody for the AEW Championship I think it would be good to see Jericho’s boys lose this one.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – Young Bucks


Baron Botch:  The Young Bucks constantly have matches that shorten their lives and this one will be no different.  They’ll be in there with real bangers and this will be absolutely criminal amounts of fun.  This may just take the night.  For me, this is a case of who would be the most fun as champs and for me, it’s Santana and Ortiz.  They would be impossible and I’d love every second of it so…

THE WINNAH!!! – Santana & Ortiz


Sovereign S.A.M:  I am not going to be calling Santana and Ortiz by the tag team name AEW gave them because I really think it is so underwhelming and not fitting of them. Santana and Ortiz have become one of the best teams in the world over the last few years and I do enjoy them. The Young Bucks are great at what they do so this combination should deliver on every level. This is probably my most anticipated match of all the matches on Full Gear and one I could see being the match of the night. Whoever comes out on top here will probably be the frontrunner for the AEW tag title so I will go with my gut on this one.

The Winner: Santana & Ortiz


Sir Mitch:  I love how AEW has emphasized tag team matches. Tag team wrestling is such a lost art form in American wrestling and its so good to see it shown as important on TV as opposed to being treated as the toilet break.

Both these teams have been touted as two very best teams in the world, and it is very hard to argue with that. The Bucks helped get eyeballs of WWE screens onto NJPW and ROH ones with their brand of Hardy Boy’esque high-risk, spot heavy matches. Ortiz and Santana reinvented and updated one of Impact Wrestling’s most popular gimmicks (LAX) for modern audiences and had some of the best matches during the promotions period of revolving door management and ownership. Arguably helping the company stay afloat during the worst period of its history.

This one should be a clinic, where I fully expect the artists known as LAX will go over dirty.

Winner: Santana & Ortiz


Magnate Mat:  When Matt and Nick Jackson stated they wanted to make the AEW Tag Team Division the most competitive and best in the world, they weren’t kidding. As if The Lucha Bros, SCU, Best Friends, and others weren’t enough, the former LAX/Team EYFBO Santana and Ortiz made their debut at ‘All Out’ and have aligned themselves with Chris Jerichos’ Inner Circle. Santana and Ortiz have competed all over the US and Mexico, they are former Impact Tag Team Champions among other tag titles in various independent organizations and they have called out The Young Bucks. All four of these men are performing at the highest level and this just might be the match that steals the show.

WINNER – Santana & Ortiz


Young Bucks vs. Santana & Ortiz

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“Hangman” Adam Page vs. PAC

Queen KB:  This is a tougher one for me as I have The Elite winning one and losing one, and I’m honestly not sure which direction this one is going to go. Now, I know how I’d like it to go as I’m not impressed with PAC’s ego and how he’s handled his career and those he’s worked for – starting with the WWE – and with – refusing to job to people for no obvious reason. If he’s that touchy and pushy with the people he works for and with, then I really feel he cannot think much of the fans either. He might claim to love his fans, but being that nasty shows me that he’s not a team player and therefore cannot care about the fans in the way I feel wrestlers should as they are there for us. I just am not impressed with him and how he’s handled things in the past and believe that his win/loss rate should reflect his lack of respect for his employers. Maybe it’s wrong of me to see it that way, but I hate when I see someone who can be so nasty get pushed. Karma doesn’t seem to be in play here and that’s so irksome to me. Therefore I have to go with Hangman over PAC.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – Adam Page


Baron Botch:  Page has yet to really impress me in AEW.  I don’t dislike him or anything; he’s just kinda there.  I do like him in the ring and PAC in the ring is exceptional so we’ll get a great match out of this.  There’s also plenty of vitriol to fuel this one.  Sadly for Page, wrestling isn’t just about being in the ring.  I need to be able to get behind him and I just can’t yet.  I can definitely do that with PAC so…



Sovereign S.A.M:  I love Pac and I feel like he has really come into his own as a heel and we all know that started in WWE. He is someone I can see becoming AEW champion in 2020 and I hope that does indeed happen. Hangman on the other hand is someone I have just had a hard time buying as someone to watch. He is great in the ring for sure, but he is just so bland at everything else. I know the Elite said they wanted to make him a star, but it hasn’t worked for me quite yet. He had some fire in his feud with Jericho but none of that has come through in this feud with Pac. I expect a good match from these men, and I think the winner should be next in line for the AEW title.

The Winner: PAC


Magnate Mat:  The rubber match, The Hangman vs The Bastard – two amazing performers in their prime. Page is on the precipice of possibly being the face of AEW in the years to come, and the man known again as PAC, who some knew as Adrian Neville in NXT/WWE have been at each others throats since AEW was announced back in January. These two are starts already and this match will make one of these men go supernova.

WINNER – Adam Page


Adam Page vs. PAC

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Bea Priestley & Dr. Britt Baker, DMD

Queen KB:  For those who don’t know this, before becoming Victoria in the WWE, Lisa Marie Varon harvested organs for medical use. I think it was mostly corneas, but I’m not 100% sure of that. Because of her job history and that she played dark so well, I really wanted to see the WWE use that and really make her character that much creepier. Yet, they never did. On the other hand the WWE, during their cartoon days, had Yankem, who we all know and cringe about. If Jacobs hadn’t been such a cartoon and things had worked out well he wouldn’t have been Kane and the workhorse of the company.

The WWE didn’t take being a dentist to the dark place they could have taken it.

Picture it, Britt who is a dentist, going down that dark slope with her character? I can see the greatness of it, and while she’s really cute, I think all it would take is her coming to the ring to the song of one of Steve Martin’s most famous characters and everything would change for her. Even without that change in character (I had to get it off my chest as it’s been festering for a while now) I’m a huge Britt Baker fan and want to see her work her way to the top of the roster. I see something truly special in her and really want to see her win this one.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – Britt Baker


Baron Botch:  This one’s pretty simple for me, honestly.  Bea can really go and Britt can’t.  She would benefit from more time in development as she’s still pretty messy in there.  Bea, on the other hand, can work her face off, though she is pretty stiff.  They’ll make a show of this to some degree but Bea has to take this.

THE WINNAH!!! – Bea Priestley


Sovereign S.A.M:  This match is really coming about because of the fact that Bea kicked Britt in the head and knocked her for a loop. This match might have the most heat out of all the matches on the card because of how long it has been going on. The problem I have with this is that Britt has not shown me much in AEW that she should be pushed in any sort of way. It feels like she is regressing every time she is on tv and I don’t think that is a good thing in the short term. There are many women who have yet to get a shot on tv and I think AEW needs to fix that. We complain all the time about this sort of thing with WWE, so it is time AEW gets some of that shade too. This match should be good enough and should get the crowd going on the preshow.

The Winner: Bea Priestley


Sir Mitch:  I’m a little worried about this one. Bea has a reputation for working stiff thanks to many years working in Japan and Britt is quite frankly a bit of a botch artist. Britt was concussed by Bea at Fight For The Fallen, so I hope Bea watches those kicks.

I was a little disappointed that this was moved to the pre-show but given what I’ve said above…maybe that is for the best.

As far as picking a winner goes, I’m picking Bea as NJPW’s parent company buying her home promotion in Japan (Stardom) probably means she will need to choose between them and AEW. And obviously, AEW wants her to pick them!

Winner: Bea Priestley


Magnate Mat:  Oh, this’ll be a fun one. From what the AEW audience has seen, this issue started at Fyter Fest, when Priestley put a boot into Britt’s head, giving her a black eye and a slight concussion. In reality, Priestley and Baker have had some issues going back to their days on the independent scene. They are not cool with each other and it shows. Britt Baker has had some trouble establishing herself in AEW’s Womens’ Division and this just might be the match that fixes that, OR it can be a star making turn for Bea Priestley.

WINNER – Dr. Britt Baker, DMD


Bea Priestley vs. Britt Baker

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AEW Women’s World Championship Match
Riho vs. Emi Sakura

Queen KB:  As much as I love Britt, I’m in awe of this match. Riho shocks me each time I see her. She is so tiny, yet she somehow makes her matches look viable. It was like watching Rey in the ring with Kane back in the day. The matches looked viable even though they shouldn’t have because Rey was little more than half of Kane’s size. Take it even further, Spike in the ring with Kane. Spike was half Kane’s weight in the ring, but because of how scrappy Spike was it worked. I think that’s why Riho works so well, she might be tiny to the point of almost looking frail, but so was Spike and he had a great wrestling career because he put his heart into it, and I think that’s why Riho is as great as she is. Riho’s heart shows through in her matches in a way we don’t see from too many wrestlers.

That being said, Emi is a powerhouse of a veteran wrestler. Emi debuted in the ring almost two years before Riho was born! Yes, Riho is young, only twenty-two years old, and Emi just turned forty-three years old. It’s crazy to think that Emi is easily old enough to be Riho’s mother, and out-weighs her by about fifty-seven pounds. Looking at the number, Emi should have this in the bag, but I don’t think she does. Don’t get me wrong, I think she would be a fantastic AEW Women’s Champion, but the AEW fans are so solidly behind Riho and are not ready for her to drop the strap yet. I know that the championships are not moved around according to what the fans want and shaking things up can be a great thing, but they are only a month in and without any serious issues with Riho I believe it’s too early for them to move this strap around for no obvious reason, whether storyline or backstage reasons. So after a great match I expect Riho to win this match and retain the strap.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – Riho


Baron Botch:  Ah, the “student vs. teacher” match.  Joshi madness will ensue and I’m totally here for it.  I didn’t know I enjoyed Joshi until AEW came around.  I was unaware until then but watching them fly around the ring as they do is just fun.  Okay, so this doesn’t really have a storyline.  No biggie for me.  There is absolutely no reason to take the belt off of Riho yet so…

THE WINNAH and STILL!!! – Riho


Sovereign S.A.M:  This is a match that was randomly thrown together, and it really feels like that. RIho has gotten over with the crowd but I hate how much commentary harps on her size. We get it, she is small, but they do not have to mention that every three minutes or so. Sakura is someone I am the least familiar with but from what I have seen of her I do like. I have no doubt this will be a good match, but I just have a hard time caring much about it because of the zero build for it.

The Winner and STILL AEW Women’s Champion: Riho


Sir Mitch:  As mentioned on Dynamite several times, Emi Sakura is actually Riho’s trainer. Emi is a legend in Japan who not only trained about half of the Joshi stars working in every promotion in Japan she is also a promoter who founded the Ice Ribbon promotion before selling to move to Thailand to start a new promotion there and introduce that market to Women’s pro wrestling. The teacher vs. the student type programs are such a rare joy in pro wrestling, and I am really looking forward to seeing this match.

Riho has seemed to have captured the hearts of the fans and is easily the most over woman in AEW right now. For that reason alone, I expect her to go over!

Winner: Riho


Magnate Mat:  “Double Or Nothing” gave 6 Japanese wrestlers to floor to do what they wanted and by the end of the match, the AEW audience wanted more. Riho defied the odds in defeating Nyla Rose to become the very first AEW Women’s Champion and has been making fans of everyone along the way. Emi Sakura helped TRAIN Riho and is a legend in the Joshi scene. This will be a wrestling clinic and a MOTN candidate.



Riho vs. Emi Sakura

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AEW World Tag Team  Championship Match
SCU (Frankie Kazarian & Scorpio Sky) vs. Lucha Brothers (Pentagon Jr. & Fenix) vs. Private Party (Isiah Kennedy & Marq Quen)

Baron Botch:  The deliciousness we’re going to get from this match!  This is the one I am MOST looking forward to.  Whatever follow it is going to have serious problems.  All three of these teams can just flat-out go.  Likely not many had heard of Private Party prior to their signing but they are impressing the world now and I absolutely love it.  I want them to have their moment and they will absolutely get it.  I’m just not sure it’ll be here.  As with the other matches I’ve predicted, it’s too early for the current title holder to lose – especially when the title holder is this over so…



Sovereign S.A.M:  I get that AEW wants to feature the tag division, but they have featured these three teams a lot it seems. The fact that the Lucha Bros are getting an immediate title shot after losing feels like it throws the whole win-loss record thing out the window a bit. Private Party are fun, but they feel a bit like the Young Bucks in their early days and do more spots and not enough storytelling in the ring. That is just how I see it and they can certainly grow in their ring work. SCU feel like a good choice for the inaugural champions but I can’t help but feel that the Lucha Bros should have gotten that spot. This match will be good, but the outcome feels predictable.

The Winner and STILL AEW Tag Team Champions: SCU


Sir Mitch:  Did I mention how much I love AEW’s commitment to tag team wrestling? I have? Well, please indulge me because I would like to reiterate that fact. I LOVE AEW’S COMMITMENT TO TAG TEAM WRESTLING!!!!!

I expect this one to open the show and all three teams to go crazy and put on a spot heavy match that is sure to pump up the fans for the rest of the event.

I’m picking SCU to go over here as I don’t think AEW will do to them what WWE did to Sasha and Bayley if you catch my drift.

Winner: SCU


Magnate Mat:  Another stellar tag team match up, initially SCU vs The Lucha Bros….however Private Party won their tag matchup on the most recent episode of AEW Dynamite this past Wednesday night and got themselves into the match. Private Party are the youngest tag team in this roster but they do not lack for talent, Out of the House Of Glory promotion in NYC, Marq Quen and Isaiah Cassidy are taking the tag division by storm and can definitely hang in the ring with the veterans of SCU and the Lucha Bros. SCUUUUUU has had a great 2018 and 2019 and ending the year as the first AEW Tag Team Champions would be a great cap on things. The Lucha Bros are looking to add another tag team title to their resume as they are also the current AAA Tag Team Campeones

WINNER and NEW AEW Tag Team Champions – Private Party


Queen KB:  SCU


SCU vs. Lucha Brothers vs. Private Party

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“The Chairman” Shawn Spears (w/ Tully Blanchard) vs. “The Bad Boy” Joey Janela

Baron Botch:  Spears is so completely different than he was at the other place and I love it.  He’s significantly more vicious and calculating – likely a side effect of being managed by Tully Blanchard.  He makes a fantastic heel.  Who knew?  Janela’s great too and he’s proven it for years.  He can be quite vicious when need be and in this match, it need be.  Who wins?  They really are doing something with Spears right now and the win is needed so…

THE WINNAH and STILL!!! – Shawn Spears


Sovereign S.A.M: This is a late addition to the card, and I know this can be good but can’t say I am looking forward to it. Joey Janela is quite the wrestler because he is one that can thrive in a hardcore match or a standard match. He really had a bit of a coming out party in his matches with Kenny Omega and that was nice to see. Spears hasn’t really done much in AEW outside of the chair shot to Cody and his subsequent losses. I know Cody said he would make Spears a star in AEW and to be honest, I don’t see it with the way he is booked. Tully is a nice addition for Spears, but it is just so hard to take Spears seriously because he lost his first major feud right out the gate. This is pretty much a pick ‘em match and I have no idea which side is favored over the other.

The Winner:  Joey Janela


Sir Mitch:  I wouldn’t be shocked if this match is moved to the pre-show. Most of AEW’s storylines are set up via youtube either on Being The Elite or AEW Dark and continued on TV. Up until this weeks edition on Dynamite, this program was exclusively found on youtube where it has honestly fallen flat. I like both these guys, but I am not really interested in seeing them go at it.

I’m going to pick Spears to win here as he honestly needs it.

Winner: Shawn Spears


Magnate Mat:  This will be a straight fight, it might turn into a wrestling match but Joey wants to fight Shawn Spears…..in the face. Spears is in the process of becoming one of AEW’s top villains, the Win/Loss record doesn’t reflect that but it really doesn’t need to as Spears has the presence of a great antagonist. Joey Janela is ridiculously talented…take out the crazy deathmatch stuff and Janela can GO in the ring when called for, and this Sunday just may call for it

WINNER – The Bad Boy, Joey Janela


Queen KB:  Shawn Spears


Shawn Spears vs. Joey Janela

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